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AGM Notice of Motions

The Writers' Union of Canada 2021 Annual General Meeting takes place on May 28, 2021. All members are encouraged to register and attend (registration deadline: May 25, 2021). Learn more and register

Please find below a Notice of Motion received in advance of the 2021 AGM. This motion will be brought to the floor of the AGM to be voted on by members in attendance at the AGM. The deadline for members to submit comments regarding the motion for discussion and consideration by National Council in advance of the AGM was May 3, 2021. Any comments received from members by this deadline were forwarded to National Council for their consideration and may result in friendly amendments to the motion (with the approval of the mover and seconder) or an alternative motion or directive being brought forward by the National Council for members’ consideration.

Notice of Motion

Based on the knowledge that Canadian writers who are not published with Canadian publishers are uniquely disadvantaged vis a vis Canadian publishers (in the matter of tax breaks, eligibility for grants, prizes, festival invitations, press coverage, even presence in bookstores), and that TWUC has welcomed many members who are self-& indie-published writers as dues-paying members of this professional writers union, I move that TWUC either: designates an Advocate with status and a voice on National Council: (this Advocate would speak to the interests and disadvantages of writers whose works are self-published or co-published with publishers who are not considered Canadian publishers), and/or (Considering that National Council has had discussion and consensus would recommend a Task Force), this motion includes a recommendation that TWUC form a Task Force to gain information on the status of self & indie-published writers as well as create solutions to address this imbalance of opportunity in Canadian publishing.

Mover: Caitlin Hicks
Seconder: Patricia Skidmore