At The Writers' Union of Canada we understand both the difficulties and the joys of being a writer in this country — from the isolation, frustration, financial difficulties, and the need for information and assistance to the elation that comes with each publication.

The Writers' Union works as an active member of Canada's cultural community to ensure that Canada's writers prosper and their work flourishes both at home and around the world.

The Union has designed programs to provide authors with the assistance and tools they need to make their life as a writer easier, more successful, and less lonely.

Members' benefits include access to our programs which provide income assistance to writers, professional development, professional assistance, and access to other writers.

While providing members with programs to assist them the Union is also advocating on behalf of writers. Our efforts to date have resulted in the creation of Public Lending Right and Access Copyright programs that provide much needed income for writers.

The Union is currently lobbying to reform income tax laws to ensure fairness for writers; ensure that provincial Status of the Artist legislation is introduced which includes a well-worded labour relations component; ensure that new copyright legislation reflects the views and needs of creators; implement programs to increase writers' incomes; and defend the freedom to write and publish.

For further information about membership in the Union: benefits of membership, eligibility, cost of membership, and how to join.