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Bill of Rights for the Digital Age

What do we, as book writers, want for ourselves in the digital age? Having asked this question of dozens of book authors and other writers, The Writers' Union of Canada presents the following ten rights for Canadian authors. They are not written in stone. The publishing and digital landscapes are changing too quickly for that. Our goal is to encourage thought and discussion and to encourage action that respects writers' rights. Next year our statement may look different. For now the question is, what are our core demands and principles with respect to our rights in the digital age? Here is what we propose. Read the Bill of Rights for Writers in the Digital Age.

TWUC at Court

One of the arenas in which TWUC seeks to defend the rights of writers is the court of law. Recently we’ve been involved in three significant cases of great importance to freedom of information and copyright.

  • In Crookes v Newton TWUC intervened in the successful battle in support of the position that a blogger should not be liable for defamation for providing a hyperlink to a website that contains defamatory material.
  • TWUC joined the U.S. Authors Guild suit against the HathiTrust, a group of American universities headed by the University of Michigan that have pooled approximately seven million copyright books that they and Google have digitized without permission. They’re currently working to identify and release “orphaned” books in their entirety for free viewing, downloading, and printing by students and faculty in university libraries in the U.S. Read more.
  • TWUC 2011-2012 Chair, Greg Hollingshead, is the affiant in an intervention in an appeal, by the provincial Ministers of Education (excluding Quebec) and Ontario’s school boards, of a Copyright Board decision on the amount of copying of copyright material in K-12 schools that must be paid for. To read more about these cases please see TWUC at Court, an update from the Union Chair, Greg Hollingshead.

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