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The Writers' Union of Canada has information available to writers regarding how to get published in book format, the publishing process, and the business of publishing in relation to writers. All of this information is available for download in pdf format, except for The Writers' Guide to Canadian Publishers, which is an up-to-date online database and is only available as a subscription. Please contact the Union office for printed copies of all other publications at or 416-703-8982.

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The Union is pleased to offer online versions of TWUC publications, free of charge, as a service to members. The print versions of these publications are available to the general public for a fee. The Union asks that you respect this information and not share access with non-members. Thank you.

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Anthology Rates and Contracts 2006 $7.00 Add to Cart
This document provides notes on contributions to anthologies, suggests minimum rates, and provides a suggested anthology contract.

Author & Editor 1983 $7.00 Add to Cart
(By Rick Archbold, Doug Gibson, Dennis Lee, John Pearce, Jan Walter) A booklet describing the relationship between author and editor, including a list of dos and don'ts for both parties.

Author & Literary Agent 2007 $7.00  Add to Cart
Guidelines and responsibilities governing the relationship between the author and the literary agent.

From Page to Screen 1999 $7.00 Add to Cart
A reference guide regarding options, film, and TV contracts for original literary works, including information on minimum and maximum rates paid.

Ghost Writing 1995 $7.00 Add to Cart
This publication includes various details to consider when negotiating a ghost writing agreement, including a sample contract. By Marian Hebb.

Glossary of Publishing Terms 2003 $7.00 Add to Cart
An aid to authors when dealing with the book publishing industry — usually during contract negotiations. Intended as a user-friendly, alphabetical reference guide to terms commonly used within the industry.

Income Tax Guide for Writers 2002 $7.00 Add to Cart
A useful tax guide for those in the business of writing, including details about the GST as it pertains to writers' income.

Incorporation for Writers 2001 $7.00 Add to Cart
A guide for writers, including the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation.

New Technologies 2006 $7.00 Add to Cart
Information on e-books and print-on-demand publishing.

Writers' Guide to Canadian Publishers $10.00
An informative list of publishers who currently accept unsolicited manuscripts. Includes a breakdown of which genres the publishers publish. Once we receive notification of your purchase through PayPal, we will send you details on how to access the Guide on our website. This should be within 48 hours of purchase.

Writers' Guide to Grants 2001 $7.00 Add to Cart
An informative list of grants available to Canadian writers; includes information about writing samples, types of juries and how they judge, and application procedures.

Contracts Self-Help Package $15.00  Add to Cart

If you have been offered a contract by a publisher, or anticipate such an offer in the near future, help is available. This package helps writers evaluate and negotiate contracts offered by publishers. The Model Trade Book Agreement is an example of an equitable publishing agreement between an author and publisher. Help Yourself to a Better Contract (written for the Union by legal-counsel Marian Hebb) is a guide to the negotiation process, including a checklist of favourable contract provisions.

Model Trade Book Agreement 2010: This comprehensive model contract provides reasonable minimum terms for trade book contracts and is a useful comparative tool for evaluating your publisher's contract, complete with a model royalty statement.

Help Yourself to a Better Contract 2006: (By Marian Hebb) Checklist of favourable book contract provisions with advice on what to ask and what to watch for. Designed to aid writers in book contract negotiations with their publishers.

Please be aware of the following: The Union's Self-Help Package usually answers most writers' questions about publishing contracts, and the Union encourages writers to evaluate and negotiate their own contract; a publisher's contract (like other personal contracts) is not written in stone — it is a document to be negotiated; the publisher should provide sixty days in which you may consider the contract offer and seek advice; if you wish to use any of the Union's Contract Services, you should contact the Union as soon as possible after receiving a publishing offer.

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