FAQ - Writers-in-the-Schools Readings

Can I get an author to read at my school?

The Writers' Union of Canada offers funding to hosts for authors to read in public venues across Canada and in schools in Ontario. To be eligible for funding, authors must be members of The Writers' Union of Canada. To verify if an author is a member of the Union, please use our “Writers” search engine at or http://www.writersunion.ca/member-profiles.

How many author visits can I apply for a subsidy for?

Each host school is eligible for one subsidy for one author only per funding period.

When does the funding period start and finish?

Each year, the funding period starts April 1 and ends March 31.

Can my school's subsidized visit occur over two or more days?

No, the subsidy can only apply for one day.

What is the deadline for submitting an application?

Applications for September – March visits are made available in May. Applications for April – August visits are made available in December. It is a first-come, first-served program.

When should I submit an application?

Applications are accepted starting on December 1 for readings taking place from April to August. Applications are accepted starting on May 1 for readings taking place from September to March.

Can I share my subsidy with other schools?


What does the subsidy cover?

A half-day subsidy (one or two sessions) pays $100 of the author’s reading fee and reimburses up to $125 in related expenses. A full-day subsidy (three or four sessions) pays $150 of the author’s reading fee and reimburses up to $250 in related expenses.

What is the difference between a reading fee and expenses?

A reading fee is payment for the author’s visit to the school, while expenses are reimbursable, associated costs for meals, travel, and accommodation. Expenses are not part of an author’s fee.

Once approved, will the school receive money directly from the Union?

No, the subsidy is paid directly to the author.

Does the School have to pay the author anything if it receives a subsidy?

Yes, the school is responsible for paying any reading fees and expenses that exceed the Union’s subsidy.

How much will my author visit cost the school after the subsidy?

Each author sets his or her own rates, so you will need to contact the author directly to confirm the final cost to the school.

When does the school need to pay the author?

The school must pay the author on the day of the visit.

If the visit is cancelled can the school reschedule or book another author?

You may reschedule a visit with the same author provided the Office Administrator is informed in advance (info@writersunion.ca) and the visit takes place by March 31. To substitute a different author, the Office Administrator must be contacted and a new application will need to be made if a second choice was not included on the original application.

A substitution made without informing the Office Administrator will not be funded.

Can I invite an author even without a subsidy or if my subsidy is not approved?

You can make arrangements directly with the author but you will be responsible for all the fees associated with the visit. Authors’ reading fees are stored in members’ pages.