Finding a Publisher

The publishing world is changing constantly, and writers are wise to take the time to choose carefully which publishers to approach.

If you are looking for a contract with a traditional publisher, beware of advertisements and solicitations offering to publish your book for a fee. Traditional publishers do not require writers to pay to produce their books. If you want to self-publish, either in print or electronic form, do your homework about suppliers, as their services, fees, and the professionalism of their products can vary significantly.

A visit to a good independent bookstore with a large selection of Canadian titles will help you select appropriate traditional publishers to approach. Their current titles will tell you a lot about their publishing programs.

The Writers' Union maintains the Directory of Canadian Publishers, a searchable listing of Canadian publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts, including the kind of work they are currently considering.

Take time in the preparation of your query (or cover) letter or email: Remember that it will be the first sample of your work that a publisher will see.