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Call for Pitches: Write Magazine

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Write magazine is looking for TWUC member contributors to the upcoming summer issue. The theme is DIY, and we are seeking writers to cover the following topics in short, punchy pieces:

  • How to start a successful reading series
  • How to sell your own books (whether in person, online, or both)
  • How to effectively fund your work outside of grants (e.g., Patreon, newsletters)
  • How to effectively book media appearances without a publicist

If you have other DIY suggestions that fit this theme, feel free to pitch them as well. However, please recognize that space is limited.
Stories are 450 words, with a deadline of May 30. We pay $0.25/word based on assigned word count.
Queries should be sent to the Editor, Philip Moscovitch, at, by Monday, May 8.

Please select just one of the topics, and tell us a bit about yourself and why you are the right person for the story. Do not submit a full article. Because of the volume of responses, we can’t guarantee a reply to everyone, but we will do our best.