Legal Assistance for Writers

The following legal organizations provide free assistance to writers. These organizations offer legal advice, workshops, and other resources for professional artists.

Have we missed an organization? Please email us with the details so we can add to this list.

  • Artists Legal Outreach
    Serving artists in BC
    Artists Legal Outreach (ALO) is a group of volunteer lawyers and law students committed to working with artists and arts organizations. ALO offers resources, workshops, and clinics where artists across BC can meet confidentially with an experienced lawyer. Every artistic discipline is welcome, all for the price of a donation.
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  • Artists’ Legal Advice Services
    Serving artists in Ontario
    Artists’ Legal Advice Services (ALAS) provides free summary legal advice to artists living in Ontario, Canada. For almost three decades, ALAS has been helping artists, actors, musicians, dancers, writers, and filmmakers address their legal problems. ​ALAS typically assists with issues relating to contracts, defamation, copyright, trademarks and royalties or other payments.
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  • Artists’ Legal Services Ottawa
    Serving artists in the Ottawa area
    Artists’ Legal Services Ottawa (ALSO) is a group of volunteer lawyers, artists and arts industry professionals dedicated to connecting Ottawa-area artists with legal information and resources that can help address legal problems related to artists’ professional practices.
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  • Artists’ Legal Information Society
    Serving artists in Atlantic Canada
    Artists’ Legal Information Society (ALIS) provides accessible legal information, workshops, and library resources to artists and arts organizations. ALIS offers assistance to actors, musicians, dancers, writers, filmmakers, and visual artists in area of contracts, defamation, copyright, royalties, and more.
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This list is intended as a guide only. The Writers’ Union of Canada does not endorse any of the organizations listed above.

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