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Floyd Spracklin

Floyd Spracklin

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Floyd Spracklin was born in Buchans, a former mining town in Labrador not long after Newfoundland became Canada's 10th Province. Floyd graduated from Memorial University of NL(1972) with a double major in English and History and in 1995 earned an MEd from the University of New  Brunswick. He taught school and was a Principal and English Language Arts Department Head on NL's West Coast for 30 years. Since retiring in 2001, Floyd has been consulting and teaching for Academy Canada's various Labrador North Coast training and education programmes. Floyd grew up surrounded by creative parents, a mother who crocheted, embroidered, knitted, and made pottery; and a father who loved spinning yarns about his younger years in Brigus, the spring seal hunt,  and relating fantastic fishing and hunting stories. Floyd has been writing and painting for decades and publishing numerous magazine and newspaper articles as well as writing theatre and book reviews. He also contributed one chapter to Cassie Brown's Writing the Sea (2005). He edited and wrote the Foreword for Jennifer Yolanda Elms' Off the Rock: the Road Less Traveled( 2017) edited David Wesley Sheppard's Orphanage: Life Changes Forever (2019), and was the proof editor for Rob Hutchings's Downriver Nomad (2021). Floyd's first book, Shellbird (DRC Publishing, 2019) is the only young adult novel written to date about legendary pirate gold buried on Shellbird Island near Corner Brook, NL. Floyd's second book, The Gaff Topsail Encounters: Facing the Wind (DRC Publishing, 2020) tells about the past and present of The Gaff, a former railway community now on the NL Trailway, the easternmost part of Canada's Great Trail system. Spracklin also focuses on the stories of the multitude of eco-tourists who walk, bike, ATV, snowmobile, and even drive a mule through the vast Newfoundland and Labrador wilderness. Award-winning Canadian videographer and storyteller, Dianne (Dee) Whelan is featured here during her recently completed 500 Days in the Wild cross-Canada trek. Floyd's most recent book, The Write Day (DRC Publishing, 2021) is about writing, a topic near and dear to the author's heart, listening to the people around us and telling their  stories. Floyd's simple definition of "publishing" as simply "sharing" should resonate with all readers. Also included is an honest and straightforward Q&A with the author. The Write Day also includes stories Floyd wrote while working with the Innu and Inuit of Northern Labrador over a twenty-year period.  In his spare time, Floyd enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and berry-picking with his wife and family at their Gaff Topsail cabin. He is also a hobbyist painter who uses mostly scenes from in and around The Topsails Plateau as his subject material.  Floyd is currently preoccupied with promoting his three books and working on several other writing projects. Since 2018, he has published twenty articles for the Saltwire Network of newspapers. He and his wife Elizabeth (Snow), formerly of Carmanville, live in Corner Brook. Their family includes daughter Jennifer (Frankie) Walbourne and their two dogs, Maggie, a Whoodle, and Rocky, Tri-Coloured English Setter, and daughter Heather (Ashley) Buckle, and their two children, Alexandra and Joshua, as well as their Chocolate Lab, Tobie and Theo, a Burnese Mountain Dog..

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Shellbird. 2019, DRC Publishing
The Gaff Topsail Encounters: Facing the Wind. 2020, DRC Publishing
The Write Day. 2021, DRC Publishing
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