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Lynne Stonier-Newman

Lynne Stonier-Newman

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JAN/22 - NEW RELEASE (print ed., SunCountry and a KDP e-book  ) Published author name and my aka Lynne Nicol: LATIN LEGACY - a psychological time-shift mystery.  

Stonier-Newman’s earlier books: three BC histories - two creative non-fiction biographies, Peter O’Reilly covering 1858 to 1998 era and The Lawman, when BC grew from under 50,000 non-native residents in 1891 to over 320,00 in 1911. A definitive British Columbia history, Policing A Pioneer Province: BC Provincial Police 1858-1950 which was the runner-up for the 1991 UBC Award for Non-fiction. She also has publiished The Whys of Women, a professionaly mastered audiobook; short stories; non-fiction articles; and two chapbooks. As well as working with conventional publishers, Stonier-Newman self-publishes as Sun Country Chronicles. She also has written and published on contract as a Social Marketing Communication Consultant and Technical Writer for governments, non-for-profits agencies, businesses and individuals.

BC early and developmental history: women, poetry and short stories, mysteries
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LATIN LEGACY aka Lynne Nicol. 2022, Self-published under Stonier-Newman's SunCountry Chronicles inprint
PETER O'REILLY: Canada's BC Indian Lands Commissioner 1880-1994. 2021, Previously TouchWood, now, as of Dec, 2021 and after reversion of contract: Lynne Stonier-Newman
THE LAWMAN: British Columbia from 1891-1911. 2021, Previously TouchWood, now, as of iDec. 2021 after reversion of contract: Lynne Stonier-Newman
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