Andrea Beck

Andrea Beck is the celebrated Canadian author-illustrator of 18 picture books.
Her charming characters, treasured by children, parents and librarians alike, inhabit a world of imagination and friendship.
Her book, Good Morning, Canada was selected for the 2017 TD Children’s Grade One Giveaway, and is one of 3 crossover fiction/non-fiction books she has created about Canada for young children. Her other books include the beloved Elliot Moose series which spun off into television, the Pierre Le Poof! series, and several single titles. 
Kids stay glued to their spots for Andrea’s dynamic presentations and often declare afterwards that they are going to be writers and artists too. Andrea regularly presents in schools, has toured for Children’s Book Week 3 times, and has represented World Literacy of Canada in remote communities across Canada. She is often asked back to schools for second, third and even fourth visits.
Much of her school presentation is about the role of "pretend" and imagination in a child's and an author's life.  As a young child, Andrea adored her toy monkey. She dragged him around by his rubber paws and knew he listened when she spoke. She grew up to be a toymaker and still likes to believe that toys listen. “The idea for Elliot, my first character, was rooted in my years as a toymaker and in a childhood where toys seemed alive."
Andrea Beck was raised in Rosemere, Quebec, and moved to Toronto to study at OCAD, later studying at York University and University of Toronto. She currently lives in Caledon East, Ontario.

City: Caledon East, Province/Territory: Ontario