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Angela K. Narth

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Angela Narth (formerly Angela Mosley. she also writes as Angela Murphy) is a writer, actress and freelance literary reviewer. A former university lecturer, public school administrator, curriculum consultant and language specialist, Angela has a Master's degree in Educational Psychology (Univ. of Ottawa) and a Bachelor's degree in Archaeology (UBC). As a means of understanding character development, Angela began studying acting. This landed her a supporting role as Mlle Rochon in Vie de Chien, a 2006 Telefilm Canada French-language movie of the week, and on stage as Ludmilla in Prairie Theatre Exchange's production of The Quick Change Room. She was cast in the recurring role of Evelina Peach on the NBC series Channel Zero for its third season, as Lady Godin in the feature film The Corruption of Divine Providence, and as Betty Finley in Abyssinia.  She has also appeared in a variety of television commercials and ad campaigns. When not busy with acting and writing, she devotes her time to golf and tennis, and to travel that has taken her to more than 40 countries around the globe. She is currently completing her first feature-length screenplay.

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Have Racquet: Will Travel. Tropical Traveler Magazine - Saint Lucia W.I., Spring 2018
Different Brush Strokes. Tropical Traveler Magazine - Saint Lucia W.I., Spring 2018
"Writing Children's Books" in Writing After Retirement. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014
A History of Ghosts. New York; Rodale Press, 2009
Moccasin Tracks . Room Literary Magazine, Vancouver BC, 2013
Great Canadians. (written as Angela Murphy) Folklore Publishing, 2005
Simon With Two Left Feet. GWEV Publishing, 2007, 2000
Fergus, Prince of Frogs. GWEV Publishing, 2003
Canadian Crimes & Capers. (written as Angela Murphy) Folklore Publishing, 2005
Write On: Dressage Scribing. Corinthian Horse Sport Magazine, 2004
The Bathroom Book of Canadian Trivia. (written as Angela Murphy) Blue Bike Books, 2005
Garden of Many Splendors. Manitoba Gardener Magazine, 2011
The Very Last Ladybug War. GWEV Publishing, 2001
La toute dernière guerre de coccinelle. GWEV Publishing, 2001


Silver Medal Mom's Choice Award for Simon With Two Left Feet, 2009
Bronze Moonbeam Award (U.S.) for Simon With Two Left Feet, 2007
McNally Robinson Award-shortlisted for Fergus Prince of Frogs, 2006
McNally Robinson Award-shortlisted for Simon With Two Left feet, 2001
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