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Ann-Maureen Owens

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Ann-Maureen Owens is an author who specializes in children's non-fiction books. She grew up in Toronto, lived at different times in England, and raised four sons with her husband in Kingston. She has taught various courses in elementary schools, high schools and university and works as a freelance writer for various magazines and newspapers. She currently writes picture books as well as non-fiction, and is the Education Manager of Kingston WritersFest.

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c/o Writers' Union of Canada


Our Flag: The Story of Canada's Maple Leaf. Kids Can Press, 2014
The Kids Book of Canadian Exploration. Kids Can Press, 2008
Canada's Maple Leaf: The Story of our Flag. Kids Can Press, 1999
Forts of Canada. Kids Can Press, 1996
Paddy's Plan . Kingston Whig Standard/ CBC Radio, 1991


Hackmatack Children's Choice Award shortlist for The Kids Book of Canadian Exploration/Canada's Maple Leaf/Forts of Canada, 2006/2002/2000
Silver Birch Award shortlist for Canada's Maple Leaf/Forts of Canada, 1999/1997
Red Cedar Award shortlist for Canada's Maple Leaf/Forts of Canada, 2002/2000
Roundtables Information Book Award for Forts of Canada, 1997
Kingston Literary Award for "How I Began My Teaching Career", 1988
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Presentation Description

My presentations strive to bring excitment to Canadian history by telling the stories behind the facts, by relating events to actual people and places - both familiar and exotic, and by engaging students' imaginations, experiences, sense of wonder and even sense of humour in the usually sober consideration of our collective past.

The various topics in The Kids Book of Canadian Exploration encompass and also go beyond the history curriculum. I present how exploration was both enabled and driven by the developing technologies of the day; how various adventurers, entrepreneurs, artists and dreamers contributed to what we know about Canada; and how the process of discovery is still going on today.

In 2015 Canadians celebrate the 50th anniversary of Canada's flag and I am looking forward to presenting Our Flag: The Story of Canada's Maple Leaf to school children across the country. Kids can learn some fun flag facts, find out about the people who played a part in giving us our flag, and even take part in a flag making workshop! 

Presentation Length:
45 - 70 minutes
Children's non-fiction, Canadian history
3 - 5; 6 - 8; 9 -12
Audience size:
Workshop Description:

Workshops can vary from hands-on crafts (eg. model forts, map making, flag making etc.) for elementary school aged students to writing workshops in the areas of non-fiction, creative non-fiction, biographical profile writing, historical research and how to publish for junior high and high school students.

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