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Antonio D'Alfonso

Photo: Gino D'Alfonso 2018

Antonio D'Alfonso was born in Montreal. Poet, novelist, essayist, translator, Antonio D’Alfonso has published more than fifty books (including translations) and has made three feature films. He is the founder of Guernica Editions (1978) which he managed for thirty-three years before passing it on to new owners in 2010. For his writings, he won the Trillium Award, the Bressani Award, and the New York Independent Film Award for his film, Bruco. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. In 2016, he received a Honorary Doctorate from Athabasca University.  His new film, TATA (Daddy), was released in July 2020.  The Two-Headed Man: Collected Poems 1970-2020 was published in July 2020.

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In Italics: In Defense of Ethnicity. Toronto: Guernica, 1996.
Fabrizio's Passion. Toronto: Guernica, 1995.
Panick Love. Toronto: Guernica, 1992.
Avril ou L'anti-passion. Montréal: VLB éditeur, 1990.
L'Autre Rivage. Montréal: VLB éditeur, 1987.
Duologue: On Culture and Identity (with Pasquale Verdicchio). Guernica, 1998
L'autre rivage. Le Noroit, 1998
Comment ça se passe. Le Noroît, 2001
Getting on with Politics. Exile Editions, 2002
Antigone. Lyricalmyrical, 2004
Un vendredi du mois d'août. Leméac, 2004
Bruco. Lyricalmyrical, 2005
En italiques. L'Interligne, 2005
Gambling with Failure. Exile, 2005
Un homme de trop. Le Noroît, 2005
A Friday in August. Exile, 2005
L'aimé. Leméac, 2007
L'apostrophe qui me scinde. Le Noroît, 1998
Julia. Editions du Silence, 1992
The Other Shore. Guernica, 1986
Quêtes: Textes d’auteurs italo-québécois) (with Fulvio Caccia). Guernica, 1983
Voix off: Textes de dix poètes anglophones au Québec. Guernica, 1985
Black Tongue. Guernica, 1983
Queror. Guernica, 1979
La chanson du Shaman à Sedna. Personne, 1973
In corsivo italico . Cosomo Iannone, 2009
Poetica del Pluriculturalismo . Samuele Editore, 2015
Un homme de trop . Notoit, 2005
Un ami, un nuage . Noroit, 2013
The Irrelevant Man . Guernica, 2014
Antigone (English). Ekstasis, 2016
Antigone (French). Noroit, 2018
Collección México. ntis Editores-Luis Armenta Malpica-Ecrits des forges, 2018
Two-Headed Man : Collected Poems 1970-2020. Guernica, 2020
The Clarity of Voices, by Philippe Haeck, Trans.. Guernica, 1985
The Films of Jacques Tati, by Michel Chion , trans.. Guernica, 1997
La paysage qui bouge, by Pasquale Verdicchio, trans. . Noroit, 2000
On Order and Things, by Stefan Psenak, trans.. Guernica, 2003
Dreaming Our Space, by Marguerite Andersen, trans.. Guernica, 2003
The Blueness of Light, by Louise Dupré , trans.. Guernica, 2005
The World Forgotten, by Paul Bélanger, trans.. Guernica, 2005
The Last Woman, by Claudine Bertrand, trans.. Guernica, 2008
The Man Who Delivers Clouds, by José Acquelin, trans.. Guernica, 2010
twohundredandfourspoems, by Roger des Roches, trans.. Guernica, 2011
Un bonheur inattendu, by Marella Caracciolo Chia, trans.. Lemeac, 2011
Un bonheur inattendu, by Marella Caracciolo Chia , trans.. Syrtes (Paris), 2012
Wings Folded in Cracks, by Jean-Pierre Vallotton, trans.. Guernica, 2013
Hours, by Fernand Ouellette, trans.. Guernica, 2013
Beyond the Flames, by Louise Dupré , trans.. Guernica, 2014
The Body Vagabond, by Martine Audet , trans.. Ekstasis, 2014
The Terror Chronicles, by Normand De Bellefeuille, trans.. Ekstasis, 2014
Words and the Stone, by Pierrettte Micheloud, trans.. Ekstassis, 2014
Manhattan Poems, by Claudio Angelini, trans.. Ekstasis, 2014
Farida, a novel by Naïm Kattan, trans.. Guernica, 2015
The Intimate Frailty of Mortals, by Paul Chamberland, trans.. Ekstasis, 2015
I travel the world, by Thierry Renard, trans.. Ekstasis, 2015
Weeping Will Not Save the Stars, François Guerrette, trans.. Ekstasis, 2015
Poems, Kim Doré et Jean-François Poupart. . Arc Poetry Magazine, 2016
The Wind Under Our Footsteps, Diane Régimbald, Trans.. Ekstasis, 2016
We are what we love, Bernard Pozier, trans.. Ekstasis, 2016
Sails for Exile, Mona Latif-Chattas, trans.. Ekstasis, 2016
Toward the Rising Sun, Robert Giroux, trans.. ekstasis, 2016
On Love, Jack Keguenne, trans. Ekstasis, 2017
Daring Touch, Louise Cotnoir, trans.. Ekstasis, 2017
Daring Touch, Louise Cotnoir, trans.. Ekstasis, 2017
Vigil Poems, Jean Royer, trans.. Ekstasis, 2018
Words for the Traveler, Hugues Corriveau, trans.. Ekstasis, 2018
Woman with Camera, Corinne Larochelle, trans.. Ekstasis, 2018
Night Blues, Yolande Villemaire & Claude Beausoleil, trans.. Ekstasis, 2018
Night Blues, Yolande Villemaire & Claude Beausoleil, trans.. Ekstasis, 2018
Celebrations, Naïm Kattan, trans.. Ekstasis, 2019
Tell me what moves you, Philippe Haeck, trans.. Guernica, 2020


Finalist, Emile Nelligan Award for L'Autre Rivage, 1987.
Trillium Award for Un vendredi du mois d'août (Leméac éditeur), 2005
Bressani Award for Fabrizio's Passion, 2000
Internazionale emigrazione Italia for La passione di Fabrizio, 2003
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