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Antonio D'Alfonso

Photo: Elisabeth Pouyfaucon 2007

Antonio D'Alfonso was born in Montreal.
In 1978, he founded Guernica Editions, where he edited and published over four hundred books.
He is a literary critic in numerous magazines across Canada, in both English and French.
He has produced three short films, and two independent features.
He regularly gives conferences on questions of literature, film, and pluriculturalism in Canada, in the U.S.A., and in Europe.

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In Italics: In Defense of Ethnicity. Toronto: Guernica, 1996.
Fabrizio's Passion. Toronto: Guernica, 1995.
Panick Love. Toronto: Guernica, 1992.
Avril ou L'anti-passion. Montréal: VLB éditeur, 1990.
L'Autre Rivage. Montréal: VLB éditeur, 1987.
Duologue: On Culture and Identity (with Pasquale Verdicchio). Guernica, 1998
L'autre rivage. Le Noroit, 1998
Comment ça se passe. Le Noroît, 2001
Getting on with Politics. Exile Editions, 2002
Antigone. Lyricalmyrical, 2004
Un vendredi du mois d'août. Leméac, 2004
Bruco. Lyricalmyrical, 2005
En italiques. L'Interligne, 2005
Gambling with Failure. Exile, 2005
Un homme de trop. Le Noroît, 2005
A Friday in August. Exile, 2005
L'aimé. Leméac, 2007
L'apostrophe qui me scinde. Le Noroît, 1998
Julia. Editions du Silence, 1992
The Other Shore. Guernica, 1986
Quêtes ( Textes d’auteurs italo-québécois) (with Fulvio Caccia). Guernica, 1983
Voix off: Textes de dix poètes anglophones au Québec. Guernica, 1985
Black Tongue. Guernica, 1983
Queror. Guernica, 1979
La chanson du Shaman à Sedna. Personne, 1973


Finalist, Emile Nelligan Award for L'Autre Rivage, 1987.
Trillium Award for Un vendredi du mois d'août (Leméac éditeur), 2005
Bressani Award for Fabrizio's Passion, 2000
Internazionale emigrazione Italia for La passione di Fabrizio, 2003
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