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Ben Nuttall-Smith


Ben Nuttall-Smith taught Music, Theatre, Art, and Language until he retired in 1991. He now lives in White Rock, near Vancouver B.C.

Past President of the Federation of British Columbia Writers, Ben’s poems and short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and online publications including All That Uneasy Spring ed. Patrick Lane; Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine; Poemata Canadian Poetry Association; Royal City Poets, Silver Bow Publishing, Between Earth and Sky, Silver Bow Publishing, Lucidity, Journal of Verse, Bear House Publishing, Houston, Texas, Cyclamens and Swords on line poetry magazine. 

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Mad God of the Toltecs – Historical Fiction. Rutherford Press, B.C., 2017
Discovered in a Scream – Memoir. Rutherford Press, B.C., 2017
Flying With White Eagle – 2nd edition. Rutherford Press, B.C., 2016
Crescent Beach Reflections – Poetry & Art. Rutherford Press, B.C., 2017
Henry Hamster, Esq.. Rutherford Press, B.C., 2018
Margot – Love in the Golden Years. Rutherford Press, B.C., 2019


The Surrey Board of Trade Special Achievement Award for for work as a writer and for service to the writing community, 2011
Life Membership – Federation of BC Writers. for “For his selfless dedication and countless volunteer hours to the community of BC writers.”, 2013
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With readings and descriptions from his historical novel, Blood, Feathers & Holy Men, an animated storyteller illuminates his substantially researched vision of 10th Century America. Ben presents the daily lives and grandeurs of the rich and creative First Nations cultures of the Americas and a remarkable way of life, in which man, nature, and the Divine are inseparable. All is not idyllic however as the story also tells of bloodshed and visions of a terrible future.

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Voice and Performance Skills Workshop

Part One: (40 minutes) Through a proven set of simple, enjoyable exercises, you'll learn to relax, develop your voice and increase your power of projection.
This workshop will present the primary and most important lesson from a full series of exercises for helping you to become a more dynamic and relaxed speaker.
Posture and diaphragm control are the basic elements for projection. In this forty-minute session, you will learn the secret of relaxation and triple the power of your delivery. You will also be given handouts for further work at home.
Part Two will focus on how to read your written words in an engaging way to transform your poetry/book reading into an event (or poem) to be remembered. The workshop will present many different strategies and practical advice on: selecting the best poems/stories to read out loud, breaking through nerves/anxiety and knowing/targeting your audience,
There will be an opportunity for everyone to practice, and share their readings with the group.

From Memoir to Novel will involve hands-on exercises in writing scenes from personal experience and translating them into story material. i.e. Your worst place scenario for description. That conversation you wish you'd had but never did. The words you didn't have the courage to say. Your weakest moment – expressing feelings through physical sensations and outward signs the reader will be able to see, taste and hear. Participants will discover the safety of acting through characters in a story. The presenter will provide brief examples of each. 

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