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Bruce Ballon

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An award-winning psychiatrist, Dr. Ballon brings over two decades of experience in providing innovative education, simulations, coaching, facilitation and creativity-enhancing techniques for teaching and training to individuals and groups. Dr. Ballon is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health for the University of Toronto, as well as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Health Sciences.  He has fellowships in Addiction Psychiatry as well as Youth and Family Psychiatry.  As the Director of Education for SIM-one, he embraced an interprofessional collaborative approach and a spirit for collaboration, developing numerous programs and helping foster the next generation of simulationists.  He remains an advisor to SIM-one for specialized projects.  He also was the creator and Head of the Advanced Clinical and Educational Services for Problem Gambling, Gaming and Internet Addiction at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, which developed into the ongoing Problem Gambling, Gaming and Internet Services which he still is a lead developer for education and clinical initiatives. He also helped create the Youth Addiction and Concurrent Disorders program at CAMH. Dr. Ballon is a Senior Education Consultant for Baycrest Hospital, where he is involved in developing simulation and innovative experiential trainings.  He also participates in the Arts and Humanities for Healthcare activities offered through Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. Ballon also works with industries involved in interactive technology and games for understanding its impact on people’s lives. He is also an illusionist who performs magic and mentalism (Stratford, Canadian Stage, and more), primarily to help educate the public of mental health issues, as well as collaborates and consults for professional magicians and illusionists around the world. Dr. Ballon is a sought-after speaker for national and international meetings. He has also has acted as a consultant for many healthcare professional organizations in regard to addiction and mental-health issues. He has written books for children, parents, and the general public on youth and family health issues. Dr. Ballon has been a consultant and advisor to a variety of media-related activities including television, plays, novels and film productions to help create accurate portrayals of psychiatric and addiction elements. He has also created games dealing with mental-health and addiction issues that have garnered him awards from the Games Manufacturers Association and international literary and academic associations.

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Swimming in Cyber: Learning to Live Healthily in the Intersections of the Virtual and Real Worlds. Dr. Bruce Ballon Medical Profession Services, 2014
Elements of Dreams and Nightmares. Paralabs Germany, 2013
Flytrap Experience. Paralabs, 2014
Somnium Tenebrae. Carcosa Collection, 2012
Wishes and Worries: Coping with a Parent Who Drinks Too Much Alcohol. CAMH & Tundra Books, 2011
What Parents Need to Know about Teen Risk Taking: Strategies for Reducing Problems Related to Alcohol, Other Drugs, Gambling and Internet Use. CAMH, 2011
Ce Que Les Parents Doivent Savoir Sur Les Comportements Risque Des Adolescents: Strat Gies Pour R Duire Les Problemes Li S L'Alcool, Aux Drogues, Aux. CAMH, 2011
From the Files of Matthews GenTech. Guardians of Order Inc., 2003.
Unseen Masters: Modern Struggles Against Hidden Powers. Chaosium Inc., 2001.
Call of Cthulhu Role-Playing Game 5.5. (Contributor). Chaosium Inc., 1998. Rev. ed. 5.6, 2000 / Special ed., 2001.
More Tales of Terror. (Contributor). Pagan Publishing, 2000.
The Keeper's Compendium. (Contributor). Chaosium Inc., 2000.
A bunch of other articles, clinical manuals and so on. various, various


Mary Seeman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Psychiatry and the Humanities (Univ. of Toronto) for Unseen Masters, 2001.
Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Adventure (Game Manufacturers Assoc.) for Unseen Masters, 2001.
Finalist, Bram Stoker Award in Alternative Forms (Horror Writers Assoc.) for Unseen Masters, 2001.
Aurora Award Finalist in English (Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Assoc.) for Unseen Masters, 2001.
Finalist, Bram Stoker Award in Alternative Forms (Horror Writers Assoc.) for From the Files of Matthews GenTech, 2003.
A bunch of academic ones for various, various
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