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Carol Anne Shaw


I like that quote by Rob Delaney. I feel the same way. Sure, we can all paint extraordinary pictures of ourselves online, but in actual fact, most of us are pretty uncomplicated: we have annoying bills and go grocery shopping and mow the lawn on the weekends and take the dog to the vet and occasionally get sinus infections and spend too much time wearing our favourite T-shirt. Stuff like that. Yep.

But even so, I do like to write and paint here in Cobble hill on Vancouver Island, (45 minutes north of Victoria). I feel very lucky to have lived on my two-acre paradise for the past twenty-three years. I have two grown sons in their 20's, a very nice significant other (and "Eddie," our beagle. And while Eddie may smell like an old sock, he has a big heart and is a terrifically good sport.

I tried my hand at many different jobs in my younger days, everything from driving a front-end loader, to bar tending and waitressing, to working on a dude ranch, to operating a travelling bookmobile, to secretarial work. (I was never very excited about the secretarial work, and not much good at it, either.) Eventually I found myself at art school, and for thirteen years I worked in the art department of a local private boarding school here on the island. It was great. I got to be messy and creative, and hang around amazing young people from all over the world on a daily basis. 

But in June of 2014 I decided it was time for a change. I was waiting to hear from my publisher regarding my third book, and I knew I had a lot more books left to write. So I left the school to make more time for book writin'. Now I have the perfect set up; I work part-time at my favourite bookstore, and do the writing thing on my free days. In between those times, I hike, paint and try not to eat too much cheese. Not gonna lie - it's pretty cool. (The balanced life part, not the trying-not-t0-eat-too-much-cheese part. That's still a struggle.)

If you made it to the end of my bio, I hope you aren't yawning. Thanks for stopping by. I really do appreciate the visit. 

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Hannah and the Spindle Whorl. Ronsdale Press, 2010
Hannah and the Salish Sea. Ronsdale Press, 2013
Hannah and the Wild Woods. Ronsdale Press, 2015


Silver Medal, MOONBEAM CHILDREN’S BOOK AWARDS for Hannah and the Spindle Whorl, 2011
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