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Christine Welldon

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Christine Welldon, an educator and reading specialist, advocates for children’s learning through books. She makes Canadian history come alive in her creative non-fiction books, and writes about fascinating Canadians who helped to make a difference in their community and country. A former educator, she makes connections to the educational curriculum in her writing and levels her writing to specific expectations in language arts and social studies. Especially concerned with the gender gap in reading, she organized a very successful initiative, “Cool Guys Reading Club” among some schools in the Toronto area, eventually adopted by a local public library, that dramatically increased reading among boys at the Grades 3 to 6 level. She knows that she enjoys the best of both worlds, living for half the year in Toronto and the other half in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

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Reporter in Disguise: the Intrepid Vic Steinberg. Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2013
Children of the Titanic. Nimbus, 2012
Pier 21: Listen to My Story. Nimbus, 2012
Molly Kool: Captain of the Atlantic. Nimbus, 2011
The Children of Africville. Nimbus, 2009
Canadian Pacific Railway; Pon Git Cheng. Grolier, 1992
Letters from Rosa. Gage, 1989
The Tenant. Fiddlehead, 1989
Canadians All.. Methuen, 1992
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Presentation Description

Power point presentation and discussion about Africville, relevant to the Grade 3 to 6 social studies curriculum concerning black history, citizenship, heritage, continuity and change. My book, The Children of Africville; will serve to enhance the presentation.

Molly Kool, first female sea captain of the Atlantic -the achievements of this amazing woman and a discussion of gender issues from the 1920s to the present. Relevent for all ages and grade levels.

Coach and facilitator for boys book clubs to help teachers close the gender gap in boys reading abilities and interest in books.

Presentation Length:
45 minutes
black history, community, boys book club
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Workshop Description:

Either a hands-on workshop with boys and teachers, or presentation to relevant staff members, at the grades 4 to 6 level.

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