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Danika Dinsmore

Photo: Cory Permack 2010

Danika Dinsmore is an award-winning writer, performance artist, educator, and activist. Over the past 25 years she has developed content for the page, stage, screen, and web. Danika currently works in poetry, spokenword, and literary & speculative fiction, with an emphasis on juvenile & young adult literature. Author of children’s fantasy adventure series FAERIE TALES FROM THE WHITE FOREST, she often takes her interactive Imaginary Worlds Tour on the road, performing and teaching world-building & creative writing at schools, conferences, and festivals across North America. She is on the editorial staff of Reckoning, a creative writing magzine of enironmental justice, and on the board of the Cascadia Poetics LAB.

Phone number:
c/o Writers' Union of Canada


Voyage From Foraglenn. Hydra House, 2018
Narine of Noe. Hydra House, 2015
Ondelle of Grioth. Hydra House, 2014
The Ruins of Noe. Hydra House, 2012
Brigitta of the White Forest. Hydra House, 2011
Her Red Book. en theos press, 2017
between sleeps: the 3:15 experiment 1993-2005 (editor/contributor). en theos press, 2006
Every Day Angels and Other Near Death Experiences. en theos press, 2002
The 3:15 Experiment (with Lee Ann Brown, Jen Hofer, Bernadette Mayer). The Owl Press, 2001


Slamdance Script Accessible Screenwriting Competition (2nd place) for Limbs, 2009
Best Fresh Voice Award (Female Eye Film Festival) for Limbs, 2005
Washington Poet’s Association Award for Performance Poetry for "Drawing Blood", 2000
King County Arts Commission for SPLAB Curriculum Guide for Teaching Poetry, 1999
Jack Straw Writing Fellow, 2001
Eligible for National Public Readings Program :


Presentation Description

Imaginary Worlds Tours Assemblies
grades 2 - 6
audience size: 30-300

Danika’s popular Imaginary Worlds Tours assemblies are experiential and generative, meaning, students walk away with something new that they have created. A combination of interactive songs, innovative exercises, and a storytelling performance her assemblies are energetic, pure edu-tainment, and meant for large audiences. Whether students are familiar with her books or not, she brings the characters to life and engages the students in populating their own imaginary worlds with fantastic beings and fresh language. In addition, Danika offers teachers information about how to expand the students' experience in the classroom.

The Art of World Building / Fantastic Writing
grades 6 - 12

Danika's author talks are as interactive as her Imaginary Worlds assemblies. After a discussion regarding world building (or fantasy writing), Danika leads the students in a series of collaborative exercises to inspire and demonstrate how quickly ideas can be developed when one opens up one's mind to possibility. The beauty of speculative fiction is there is no limitation to the imaginative places students can go.

Presentation Length:
60 - 120 mins
Literary, Speculative, Poetry, and Spoken Word
2 - 12
Audience size:
12 - 300
Workshop Description:

Building Imaginary Worlds
grades 5+
audience: 12 - 40

Danika’s Building Imaginary World workshops (or residencies) are a hit with students due to the quick manner in which she engages them in the world-building process. She first introduces the students to her own fantasy worlds and then delivers guidelines about the craft of world-building. The students work individually or in small groups to design imaginary world maps, populate their new worlds, and imagine storytelling scenarios. These exercises can be self-contained or be used later by a teacher as a jumping off point for a creative writing unit.

Introduction to Speculative Fiction
grades 7 - 12
audience size: 12 - 40

Danika’s speculative fiction workshop (or residency) is a great addition to any English or writing class. It begins with a short survey of the subgenres of speculative fiction (steampunk, epic fantasy, time travel, etc), then the students use the subgenres in a collaborative mash-up exercise to generate new genres as a jumping off point for a creative story. Depending upon the length of the workshop, students either develop these story scenarios further, or Danika continues with an individual exercise using previously published material in a fantastic way. (Her well-received Dystopian Fiction Workshop focuses specifically on this popular subgenre.)

Northern OAC WITS:
One session:
$$150 - $300
Two sessions:
$discounts for multiple visits, contact author
One session:
$$50 - 150
Two sessions:
$discounts for multiple visits, contact author
GST not applicable