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David A. Wimsett

David A. Wimsett

Photo: Trevor Allen

David A. Wimsett has written articles, columns and blogs for newspapers, magazines, corporations, and online platforms over the course of his career. He has written articles and blogs on technology, writing craft and feminist issues. He has appeared on radio and television talk shows and worked as a stage actor in musicals, comedies and plays. He is a profesional photographer whose works have apppeared in shows, online and in print.

He became a single parent in his twenties and both raised and guided his son, Ronald, into adulthood.

He is a member of the Writer’s Union of Canada, the Professional Writers Association of Canada and the Canadian Media Guild.


Nova Scotia


Dragons Unremembered: Volume I of the Carandir Saga. Cape Split Press, 2019
Something on My Mind. Cape Split Press, 2018
Beyond the Shallow Bank. Cape Split Press, 2017
By the Light of the Silvery Moon. Eastword, 2017
Fuel Injector Seminar in Luneburg, Nova Scotia. Rousseau Automotive, 2017
Time and Tide. The Absent Willow Review, 2010


Mangelsdorf Award for Writing for Money Magazine, 2008
Eligible for National Public Readings Program: