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David Roomy

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David Roomy is author of one collection of poetry and several books on Jungian psychotherapy; he is a life-time practitioner in this field, now formally retired. His master’s degree from Union Theological Seminary, NYC, was in the Program of Psychiatry and Religion. Jungian psychology and religion/spirituality, on an intercultural and interfaith basis, have always been his areas of study, teaching, and practice. Early in his stay in New York, he began working with M. Esther Harding probably the first Jungian Analyst in North America. Also during the Sixties, he was the associate of William H. Kennedy (in his youth, a ward of Jung, growing up in his tutelage, and later, life-long friend of Jung), in a program of cross-cultural encounter, employing Jungian insights during the height of the Cold War.  The program involved exchange with five border countries in Europe.

As a youth he had been President of the International Christian Youth Fellowship Commission, writing a weekly article in VISION MAGAZINE, and travelling and speaking in forty cities in the United States and Canada.

During the Seventies David was a faculty member of Friends World College (Society of Friends) , and 1971-72 Acting Director of the North American Center, and '72 - '77 Co-Director of the European Center in Norwich, Norfolk, England.

He has included an, as yet unpublished, poem, "NO VANISHING POINT". He writes: "I wondering how I might encourage writers younger than I. I share a poem I wrote at the time of the eightieth birthday celebration (organized by Bill Kennedy) for M. Esther Harding, held at Bowdoin College in Maine during the Summer of 1968 (yr. of the moon walk)."


The ocean inlet, in morning fog was bound,

Sun wriggled not through the opaque

air that lay like pasty sky around

the tiny bay--itself, vanishing lake,

Clanging the buoy, ripples I couldn't see

reached out and past the eyes' wake,

How far go they before totally free

or even then did they continue, break?

I heard the unsuspecting silence pause,

All knew I was but a trace,

faint expanse in which in rev'rie to ease,

Beyond that now: answerless extensions of space

on which the infinite circle of time floated,

might have there, always been,

Lapping ocean now that note muted--

the timeless interval I knew to begin, and end.

By David Roomy

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INNER JOURNEY TO SACRED PLACES. Pentland Press, Inc., 1997
MUSLIMS LIKE US: A Bridge to Moderate Muslims. iUniverse, Inc., 2005 Advertised in the Sunday New York Times Book Review 3/22/2015.
NO VANISHING POINT. This, my webpage on, 2014
ONE OF JUNG'S "SONS", SOME FRIENDS REMEMBER WILLIAM H. KENNEDY. Unpublished typescript deposited in library of C. G. Jung Foundation of NY
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