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Deb Loughead

The first composition Deb Loughead ever wrote was called "A Narrow Escape for a Mouse." Ever since then Deb has been fascinated with animals and nature, and the role these play in the lives of human beings. That early fascination with nature is reflected in almost everything she's ever written; it's varied themes are particularly evident in her children's literature. Her adult short stories focus on that other nature, Human Nature. She completed her B.A. in English at the University of Toronto in 1977, then worked as a copy editor until she decided to stay home to raise her three sons and squeeze in some creative writing on the side. From 1980 - 95, Deb was an associate editor for Spires magazine. She has also written and directed children's plays which were produced by the drama club at an Etobicoke elementary school. She is currently the Past President of CANSCAIP. Her next novel, Just Run, will be published by James Lorimer, Toronto, as well as Stabenfeldt, Norway, Sweden, Finland, in 2011. Deb is available for readings; writing and poetry workshops; storytelling for elementary school children.

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