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Della Burford

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Born in Saskatoon, raised in Ottawa and Edmonton, Della Burford has a BEd from Queens's University and a BSc in textiles from the University of Alberta, and a certificate from The New York School of Interior Design. For the past 30 years, she has been conducting storytelling, creative writing, and visual arts workshops for all ages including educators throughout Canada and the United States. Before this she taught design at Humber College in Toronto for six years.Her stories have been adapted for plays in New York and preformed in Sweden, Italy , Guatemala, Japan and Korea. She is presently writing and painting on Vancouver Island. Published in 2009 was a healing story "Miracle Galaxy" and Dodoland Adventures. She helped her husband with the design of "Druidical Quest" and "Stone Book of Knowledge" and the "Illuminated books" . Her books "Journey to a Lotus" and "Dream Wheels" and "Spirit Storybooks"  and "Dream Wheels" are now completed. 

In 2013 and 2014 she  shared her book and paintings in Bali.  The first website she helped create which encourages imagination and protecting the enviroment - has had 17million hits in 17 years. She also have a person website at 

Phone number:
250 7512877


The Environmental Activity Guide. Azatlan, 1992.
Untitled Poetry. Kingston, ON: Queen's University, 1991.
The Magical Earth Secrets. Vancouver, BC: Western Canada Wilderness Committee, 1990.
Journey to Dodoland. Los Angeles: Bird Helmut, 1977.
The Out of the Ordinary Extraordinary Friends. Tale time Publishing, 1996
Miracle Galaxy. Azatlan Publishing, 2009
Dodoland Adventures. Azatlan Publishing, 2009
Journey to a Lotus. Azatlan , 2013
Dream Wheels. Azatlan, 2013


PIA Award, graphic arts award from the printers industries of America for Journey to Dodoland, 1999.
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Presentation Description

Della has presented on such topics as "Teaching the Environment in a Creative Way" , "Encouraging Creativity and Imagination"
"Creating Healing Stories" and "Manifesting your Dreams"

Presentation Length:
Wrkshop:60 min, Story: 45
Fiction, Fantasy
Audience size:
Wrkshop: 30, Story: 200
Workshop Description:

Della does many workshop related to here Environmental Activity Guide which has a cross curricular approach to teaching the Environment including Writing,Art,Drama,Music and Science.The projects are usually tailored for the school or community.
Della also does workshops in "Encouraging Creativity" which may combine art and writing. One popular one is Creating picture books. Being a painter as well as a writer Della often combines art and writing in her workshops - in her own writing sometimes the art comes first and sometimes the writing and then the art. She has a very intuitive painting process she calls "ocean painting" that images and ideas seem to emerge from and she has done this with school children, adults, handicapped children with little motor control and many others.
Della recently has done "Creating your own Healing Stories" which takes participants to a place to create their own healing hero/heroines and intuitive healing environment.
Since Della has special E.S.L. training she has taught storytelling and writing to international students from all over the world. Della has just completed Dream Wheels and is open to doing workshops on "Manifesting your dreams".

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