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Diane Carmel Leger

Diane Carmel Leger

Photo: Skip Wallin

Award-winning Acadian author, Diane Carmel Léger is best known for her Canadian bestseller, Maxine's Tree (L’arbre de Maxine) on the West Coast and her Acadian children's classic novel, La butte à Pétard (The Lookout Tree), on the East Coast. As a former French Immersion teacher for 20 years (k-11), Diane can easily adapt to the students’ level and has translated six of her French books. A bilingual presenter since 1991, she has toured schools in Canada and the United States. 

Dieppe, N.B.
New Brunswick


The Lookout Tree. Nimbus Publishing, 2019
Les Acmaq Tome 2 : Les feux follets de Tatamagouche. La Grande Marée, 2019
Les Acmaq Tome 1 : Les secret de la vieille Madouesse. La Grande Marée, 2018
L'Acadie en baratte. Bouton d 'or Acadie, 2017
My Two Grandmothers. Nimbus Publishing, 2016
Mémére soleil, Nannie lune. Bouton d'or Acadie, 2016
Trilogie de La butte à Pétard. Bouton d'or Acadie, 2015
Piau's Potato Present. Bouton d'or Acadie, 2014
La patate cadeau OU la vraie histoite de la poutine râpée. Bouton d'or Acadie, 2014
Échos de la butte à Pétard. Bouton d'or Acadie, 2011
Retour à la butte à Pétard. Bouton d'or Acadie, 2008
Emily Carr's Attic. Orca Book Publishers, 2006
Le grenier d'Emily Carr. Les éditions des Plaines, 2006


Winner of the Prix Antonine-Maillet-Acadie-Vie for Les Acmaq, Tome 1: Le secret de la vieille Madouesse, 2019
Finalist Prix Champlain for Les Acmaq, tome 1:Le secret de la vieille Madouesse, 2020
Finalist Prix Hackmatack for Les Acmaq, tome 1: Le secret de la vieille Madouesse, 2020
Eligible for National Public Readings Program:


Presentation Description

I have done presentations in English and in French in schools and libraries in Canada and the U.S.A since 1991. A former French Immersion teacher, I have taught Kindergarten to grade 6, and can easily adapt my presentations to different age groups.

Teachers have used my books as an introduction to Acadian history and culture, the art of Emily Carr and the study of trees. Like my books, my presentations to children demonstrate that it is easier to write about what you know, with an emphasis on creative writing.

Ottawa Area Schools:  I often spend time in your area to see my granddaughters and I would be delighted to do school presentations as well.

K-Grade 1 (30 min.) My Two Grandmothers (Mémère Soleil, Nannie Lune)

Grades 2-4 (45 min.*) My Two Grandmothers / Maxine’s Tree / Who’s in Maxine’s Tree / Emily Carr’s Attic or any one of these books in French.

My Two Grandmothers

In this true story about my grandmothers, I imitate my Acadian Mémére and my Scottish Nannie, who have nothing in common but the love for their grandchildren. Children get in the spirit of this gentle and amusing comparison and they are always eager to talk about their grandparents.

Maxine's Tree

In this story about my family’s efforts to help save old-growth rainforests from clear-cutting, my little girl’s unique way of saving a tree catches on. I show photos of the big trees such as the Carmanah Giant, the Elephant Tree and the real Maxine’s Tree.

Emily Carr's Attic

Illustrated by my brother Michael, this story draws upon my living in the House of All Sorts, formerly owned and inhabited by Emily Carr, one of Canada’s most celebrated artists. This presentation has photos of Carr’s many pets, her extraordinary attic, and her famous paintings.

* Virtual session is a 30 minute version for $150

Grades 5-6 (50-60 min.*) The Lookout Tree / Piau’s Potato Present or the French versions

Piau's Potato Present

I explain what it is to be an Acadian, share how I became a writer, and deliver my interactive version of Acadian History, with props and projected images of some historical sites depicted in this book. I speak of the collaboration of the Acadian survivors and the first German settlers in the Monckton Township, who share a cultural and culinary link. This is followed an activity based on the deportation of the Acadians.  

The Lookout Tree

I explain what it is to be an Acadian, how I became a writer, and deliver my interactive version of Acadian History, with props and projected images of some historical sites depicted in this novel which takes in the forest of Southeastern New Brunswick. This is followed by a very popular activity, which I am told leaves a lasting impression on the students.

*Virtual presentation is a 30 minute version for $150


Presentation Length:
30-60 minutes
Audience Size:
up to 60