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Don Ranney

This Toronto-born orthopedic surgeon went to India in 1969 to spend his life helping leprosy sufferers through reconstructive surgery. He also trained five surgeons, wrote two medical books and published 14 scientific papers. While studying surgery in England he served briefly as a medical officer in the British Special Air Service and remains today an active member of the SAS Regimental Association.

On returning to Canada, he established the School of Anatomy at the University of Waterloo in Ontario where he was an associate professor for twenty years and published 125 scientific articles, several book chapters and a medical textbook, Chronic Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Workplace.  Don has done much research on chronic pain and helped those injured in motor vehicle accidents obtain a fair settlement through their lawyers by providing detailed orthopedic assessments written with the skill of a professional writer.

Creative writing includes numerous articles published in The Medical Post, and a prize-winning article in Stitches, a magazine of medical humor. These stories and others will one day be published as a semi-autobiographic account of his life, which includes a series of death-defying experiences, The Cat Has Nine Lives

E-mail: ranney@hsfx.cs
Phone number:
519 848 5600


When Cobras Laugh. Capstone Fiction, 2008
Chronic Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Workplace. W B Saunders, 1996
I'm a Bear: Autobiography of a Golden Doodle. The Sky Pilot, 2013
The Dawn of Timw. The Sky Pilot, 2017
Struggling Through a Wormhole. The Sky Pilot, 2017
The Comet Approaches. The Sky Pilot , 2017


Best Article for Stitches, a magazine of medical humour, 2004
Eligible for National Public Readings Program :


Presentation Description

D0es God exist? Why can we not find God in this universe? Maybe this being doesn't want to be found.
If God is in a parallel universe governed by quantum mechanics we could not find him with the tools we have in our universe. Such a being could exist eternally and be in all places ar the same time. This means be in the future before it happens and therefore be able to predict the future.
An ancient book describes such a being but makes no mention of quantum mechanics. If it did we would have thrown it aside as being full of nonsense because our minds could not take it in. I'm going to introduce you to ideas like that in this presentation.
Three benevolent spirits in a quantum universe, create from their inexhaustible supply of energy a parallel universe that has matter, gravity and electromagnetic forces. In it, they make creatures capable of gradually understanding the world they created. Free will, needed to allow love to flourish, becomes a problem. Humans can now make mistakes, even stop loving their Creator. Based on the law of opposites, in this universe based on love, evil is inevitable and evil can destroy the creation. Only supreme love can overcome evil.
This is a love story about God who so loved the world that he had to pay for a costly redemption. It is also a love story about people whose concept of love has been perverted. A hard-drinking, womanizing, atheistic skydiver becomes the unlikely hero and meets the Creator of the Universe face to face. But is it too late to save the universe?

Presentation Length:
30 minutes
Theological Fantasy
9 to 12
Audience size:
any size
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