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Erno Delano Rossi

Photo: Erno Delano Rossi 1999

Erno Delano Rossi was born in a shack by the railroad track where he listened to the trains roll by. Some would try to huff him, some would try to snuff him, and some would try to spit in his eye. He was born in Port Colborne, Ontario--the maritimes of Niagara--in time to watch the mass migration of homeless people on boxcars during the 1930s. He was also born in time to cringe in terror for six years at the slaughter of World War II. He was educated on the chlorine gas and blast furnace of INCO to pay for his B.A., which he earned at McMaster University. He has also obtained an M.A. at Michigan State. At his own expense--while history department head at Port Colborne High School--Rossi has travelled the world. A bestselling author and poet, he appears in the Who's Who of American Poets and Writers.

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Crystal Beach-The Good Old Days. Seventy Seven Publishing, 2006
Full Moon. Port Colborne, ON: Seventy Seven Publishing, 1979.
White Death-Blizzard of '77. Port Colborne, ON: Seventy Seven Publishing, 1978.
Many Cultures-Many Heritages. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1976.


Award of Merit, U.S.A. Army Corp of Engineers for White Death-Blizzard of '77.
Beer Belchers' Super Sot Award for They Hit the Post and Holy Ghost.
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