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Faye Reineberg Holt

Photo: W.H. Holt 2010

Calgarian Faye Reineberg Holt loves word and history. As a writer, researcher, and editor, she is fascinated by the stories and history of Western Canada, but writing remains her first love. She has published 13 books of non-fiction, co-authored a travel book, written a poetry chapbook and authored short stories, poems, and articles. Her formal background was in education and the liberal arts. A former teacher, she has taught courses and workshops for Mount Royal University, University of Alberta Women's Program, Alexandra Writer's Centre, Writer's Guild of Alberta, Young Alberta Book Socity, Calgary Young Writers Conference, Writers in Schools Program of CAA and other groups.

A former writer-in-residence, conference speaker and teacher, Faye has offered countless readings, workshops and presentations in libraries and community venues. Having travelled extensively in Canada, she believes that discovering the stories from our past and learning the value of words is both inspiring and invaluable to all of us.

Readings can be held at your local library, community center or another location. They include visuals, reading and time for talk. Generally, they are 1 hour but expanded programs may be requested. Also, topics and readings can be adapted for conference groups. A favourite topic is western Canadian heritage or writing. Ideas about inspiration, a writer’s life, writing process and style are interwoven with the other content. Expect PowerPoint.

Faye enjoys using visuals or props, so anticipate an interdisciplinary approach. Western Canada’s past is often a thematic focus. Specific themes include:

Writing to Captivate Characters
Who's Story is it? Working with Point of View
How Much Research is Too Much Research?
Alberta: Our Dramatic Stories
Canada’s Rocky Mountains: Stories & Photographs
Out of the Flames: Fires and Fire Fighting on the Canadian Prairies
Sharing the Good Times: Joys & Pleasures of Prairie Women
Prairie Twins: Alberta & Saskatchewan, Our History & Stories
Threshing & Monarchs of the Fields: A Harvest Special
Awed, Amused & Alarmed: Fairs, Rodeos & Regattas of Western Canada
Homemade Fun & More
Family History: Interview Truisms and Risky Behaviors for Family Researchers
War & Remembrance

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Alberta: 100 Journeys (co-author). Alberta Motor Association, 2007
Alberta: A History in Photographs. Heritage House, 2009
Amazing Alberta. Casabella Works, 2016
Awed, Amused and Alarmed: Fairs, Rodeos and Regattas in Western Canada. Detselig, 2003
Canadian Rockies: A History in Photographs. Heritage House, 2010
Homemade Fun: Games and Pastimes of the Early Prairie. Fifth House, 1999
Monarchs of the Fields. Fifth House, 1999
Out of the Flames: Fires and Fire Fighting on the Canadian Prairies. Fifth House, 1998
Prairie Twins: Alberta and Saskatchewan Photographic Memories 1905-2005. Detselig, 2004
Settling In: Early Homes of Western Canada. Detselig , 2011
Settling In: First Homes of the Prairies. Fifth House, 1999
Sharing the Good Times. Detselig, 2000
Threshing: The Early Years of Harvesting. Fifth House, 1999
Help: Rescues and Disasters in Western Canada. Altitude, 1997


Humourous Poem, also June Fritch Memorial Award, Alberta Poetry Yearbook, CAA, 1986.
Honorable Mention, Middle Grades Category, Society of Children’s Authors and Illustrators, Tri-Regions, Southern California, 2007
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