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Gale Zoe Garnett

Photo: Cylla Von Tiedemann 2009

Gale Zoë Garnett has been a working actor since age 7. Her works of fiction are "Visible Amazement", "Transient Dancing", the novella "Room Tone" and Savage Adoration..She has contributed an essay to 'Barry Callaghan--essays on his works and has an eerie little flower poem poem included in the anthology, "Garden Variety". Her most recent novel, "Savage Adoration", was published in spring of 2009.  More recently, she contributed to "It's All About Kindness" a collection of essays re June Callwood, (2012). Her books have been published in Canada (English and French),USA, France and Germany.  Her 2009 novel, Savage Adoration is currently being translated into Russian by the Bulgarian Literary press, Arka,  and will be published in 2014. Arka has previously published books by Canadians Jean Little and Frances Itani.  Zoë has written numerous non-fiction articles, essays and book reviews for newspapers and magazines in Canada and the U.S. She has also written two critically praised one-woman shows. Her short story "Your Children Are All Dead Missus?", was selected for CBC Radio's Fall Festival of Fiction, 2000..  Zoe has also written about 125 songs, 75 of which have been recorded and/or performed in film, theatre and televison. She is currently working on a new novel, a first play,  a middle-grade/YA story and a first poetry collection. At TWUC, she created the internationally popular, annually updated Residences and Residencies List, and chaired theInternational Affairs Committee from 2007-2013. With the support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, TWUC and TWUC childrens' book authors,and 'shipping angel', Ray Argyle, she sent over 100 Canadian children's books to the Nyaka AIDS Orphans' School in Uganda. In 2011, Zoe was invited by the Nordic Association for Canadian Studies (NACS), as keynote speaker re New Canadian Writing. Growing out of the NACS project, Danish editor and teacher, Eva Pors is bringing out an e-book/ interactive anthology, Cross-Country Canada, which features many TWUC writers, as well as other Canadian writers. The book, aimed at Gymnasiet (13-19) students, will appear in 2014. Zoë is currently at work on a new novel and a first play.

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Visible Amazement. Canada: Stoddart, 1999; US: Simon & Schuster, 2001; France: Editions du Seuil, 2001; Germany: Aufbau Verlag, 2001.
"Transient Dancing". McArthur & Co, 2003
"Room Tone" (Novella). Quattro Books, 2007
Savage Adoration. Exile Editions, 2009
""It's All About Kindness" (essays remembering June Callwood). Cormorant Books, , 2012
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