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Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown

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Born in Hastings County, Hannah Brown currently lives in the Beach in Toronto. She has two degrees in film from York University and has won awards for screenwriting, including one from the NFB for How to Call Cows. After a happy sojourn teaching film and English at the college and collegiate levels, she returned recently to writing full time, with work featured in several North American literary magazines, including Superstition Review, Harpoon Review, Lynn Crosbie's Hood, White Wall Review,Untethered Magazine, The Toronto Review of Books, and Many Gendered Mothers. "The Happiness" was (parenthetical) magazine's entry for the 2016 Journey Prize. Her debut novel, Look After Her  had its launch on October 3, 2019.



Look After Her. Inanna Publications, 2019
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"Who cares?" is a presentation in which I'd like to read briefly from Look After Her and discuss how social isolation makes it hard to make good decisions about other people: not just those who might wish you well —or harm, but those to whom you feel close. Two sisters in my novel Look After Her are isolated because of one sister's behaviour, because of being from a minority culture in their society, and because of chance misfortune. How they come to view the world and each other requires a novel approach to healing, time and distance, and the love that they share. Presentation and discussion with feedback postcards.

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60 minutes
literary fiction
11 12
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"Watch This Book": Film clips and excerpts from the novel Look After Her are presented to the group showing how one art form can influence another. With handouts describing the language of film (Long Shot, Close-Up, Medium Shot, Reverse Angle) the cinematic quality of excerpts from this novel will be explored, followed by the application of this method to an excerpt from their own writing or that of others. Post cards for feedback also available.