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Jamila Pomeroy

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Jamila Pomeroy is a Kenyan-Canadian internationally-published writer, a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist.

She is experienced with writing for documentary and television, journalism, commercial and editorial; and has contributed to over 20 globally-recognized entities such as BBC, Red Bull, HypeBae, HypeBeast, Network Entertainment, Montecristo, Nuvo, Our Natural Habitat and many more. Jamila is the founder and creative director of Canada’s first Black-owned print lifestyle magazine, Avocado Toast Post.

Jamila was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up in New Westminster B.C, before moving to Vancouver B.C. Growing up with little-to-no representation of the Canadian Black experience, she's made it her mission to carve out space for the family dynamics, characters and story narratives she has witnessed (and experienced), in the effort to make BIPOC feel seen in literature and film. Additionally, she writes with a focus on sustainability, social issues, fringe politics, wellness and fashion. 

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Presentation Description

Get Excited About Writing & Find The Storyteller Within You!

This engaging presentation and workshop series gets students excited about writing. Featuring timely and relatable subjects, students learn about the different types of writing that are fueling the print, digital and entertainment world they love. 

As a multigenerational Kenyan storyteller, I talk about what being a storyteller means to me and how I express it through many avenues in my life. We discuss how storytelling methods are different around the world; dive into Canadian Black history; and explore prominent BIPOC authors who have made a great impact.

Inspiring even to those who dislike writing, this presentation teaches students how we are all storytellers in our own way.

Presentation Length:
45 mins (presentation) 1.5 (workshop)
Creative Non Fiction, Poetry, Essay Writing, Canadian Black history
Grades 8 to 12
Audience size:
30- full auditorium.
Workshop Description:

Whether Non Fiction or Poetry, auditorium presentation or interactive workshop, I present with the hopes of making writing something exciting. Engaging and interactive, my workshops are hands-on writing, listening and participating in group activities. All elements of my workshops and presentations are carefully curated in a way that captivates short attention spans.

Drawing from relatable current events and pop culture, we explore what makes good writing good and engaging in the first place. Through a few case studies of music, art and film, together, students learn the different types of writing that are fueling the print, digital and entertainment world.

Tackling culture as a multigenerational Kenyan storyteller, I dive into how the art of storytelling has been passed down through my family for hundreds of years; and how I personally embody being a storyteller today. We dive into the forms of storytelling across Africa and across the globe. We travel back to Canada; discuss Canadian Black history and discuss prominent BIPOC authors who have made great impact in literature and through social movements. 

Discussing subjects like writers' block, writing methods and careers; excited students learn how they too can transfer their ideas to text. Finally, students write a poem or short piece of writing, informed by themes in the workshop.

Inspiring even to those who dislike writing, this presentation teaches students how we are all storytellers in our own way.


*Please note that auditorium presentations do not include student writing portions and group activities are tailored. Workshop content can also be tailored to work alongside the curriculum.

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