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Joan Clark

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Born in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Joan Clark grew up there as well as in Sydney Mines and Sussex, New Brunswick. She lived in Alberta for twenty odd years and now lives in St. John's, Newfoundland. She attended Acadia University and the University of Alberta. She taught in schools sporadically. Together with Edna Alford, she began the literary magazine Dandelion, and is a full-time fiction writer. Her books are translated into French, German, Swedish, and Danish. A stage production of Eiriksdottir took place in Western Newfoundland, July-August, 1997.

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Dream Carvers. Toronto: Penguin Books Canada, 1996.
Eiriksdottir: A Tale of Dreams and Luck. Toronto: Macmillan Canada, 1994; Toronto: Penguin Books Canada Limited, 1995.
The Victory of Geraldine Gull. Macmillan Canada, 1988; Dunvegan, Ontario: Cormorant Books, 1994.
Swimming Toward the Light. Toronto: Macmillan Canada, 1990.
Moons of Madeleine. Toronto: Penguin, Books Canada, 1987.


Mr. Christie Award for Dream Carvers, 1996
Geoffrey Bilson Award, for historical fiction for Dream Carvers, 1995.
The Marian Engel Award, for a writer in mid-career, 1991.
Canadian Authors Association Literary Award, for fiction for The Victory of Geraldine Gull, 1989.
Shortlisted, Governor General's Award, for fiction for The Victory of Geraldine Gull, 1989.
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