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Judith Christine Mills

Judith Christine Mills

Judith Christine Mills is a sculptor, painter, illustrator, writer and artist-educator. Since 1980, her paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in galleries across North America, and can be found in many private and corporate collections, including those of Anne Murray, Reader's Digest, Esso Resources, Shell Oil Canada, The Edmonton Art Gallery, The Hospital for Sick Children, Kodak Canada, The Cornwall Centre (City of Regina), The City of Toronto Art Collection, The Toronto Board of Education and The Canada Council for the Arts. In 1995, she wrote and illustrated her first children's book, The Stonehook Schooner (Key Porter Books, Toronto). Her second illustrated book, The Painted Chest, was published by Key Porter Books in 2000. She is also the author of 5 novels for middle readers and young adults, including The Goodfellow Chronicles Trilogy ( The Sacred Seal, The Messengers and The Book Of The Sage ), The Strange Voyage Of The Raconteur, and Carew, all for Key Porter Books. She was the illustrator of 2 books for Stoddart Publishing in Toronto (Jim McGugan's Bridge 6, in 1999, and Maureen Hull'sWild Cameron Women, in 2000 ) and 2 for Barefoot Books in Bath, U.K. (Caitlin Matthew'sWhile the Bear Sleeps, in 1999, and Edith Tarbescu's The Boy Who Stuck Out His Tongue, in 2000). She is currently working on the manuscript and illustrations for a work of historical fiction about North West Company voyageurs as well as the manuscript for her first full length satirical novel, under a pseudonym.

From 2000 to the present, Mills has conducted readings, seminars and workshops for children in clay sculpture, illustration and creative writing through the Toronto and Mississauga library systems, The Toronto, Halton and Peel Boards of Education and several area private schools, and in 2009 was invited to participate in the annual 3 day 'MASC Young Author's and Illustrator's Conference' in Ottawa, offering seminars and mentorship to 250 students from Grades 4 to 8. Mills is currently completing her Artist-Educator training at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. She is also a member of CANSCAIP (The Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers), CCBC (The Canadian Children's Book Centre) and The Medallic Art Society of Canada.

Her books, illustration and artwork can be viewed at her website



The Stonehook Schooner. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1995
The Painted Chest. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 2000
The Sacred Seal (Book 1: The Goodfellow Chronicles). Toronto: Key Porter Books, 2001
The Messengers (Book 2: The Goodfellow Chronicles). Toronto: Key Porter Books, 2003
The Book Of The Sage (Book 3: The Goodfellow Chronicles). Toronto: Key Porter Books, 2004
The Strange Voyage Of The Raconteur. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 2005
Carew. Toronto: Key Porter Books, 2006
Bridge 6. illus. Toronto: Stoddart Books, 1999
While The Bear Sleeps. illus. Bath, U.K. : Barefoot Books, 1999
Wild Cameron Women. illus. Toronto: Stoddart Books, 2000
The Boy Who Stuck Out His Tongue. illus. Bath, U.K. : Barefoot Books, 2000


Ontario Library Association Red Maple Award- shortlisted for The Sacred Seal, 2003
Ontario Library Association Blue Spruce Award- shortlisted for Wild Cameron Women, 2001
Smithsonian Magazine Notable Book Award for While The Bear Sleeps, 1999
MARTY - Mississauga Arts Award - Literature (finalist) for body of work, 2003
MARTY - Mississauga Arts Award - Literature (winner) for body of work, 2006
Our Choice Award- Canadian Children’s Book Centre for various titles, 1999,2000,2001,2003,2005,2007
Eligible for National Public Readings Program:


Presentation Description

Judith Christine Mills will present a talk about her career as an author/illustrator, which will include a selection of readings from her picture books and novels, a discussion about finding inspiration, 'fleshing' out ideas, conducting research, manuscript writing and editing, storyboard production, the creation of original art ( with examples), the steps and timeline involved in the publishing process and a Q & A for students.

This presentation can be tailored for a variety of age groups/grades from Grade 4 through to Grade 12. 

Fees outlined below are per Canada Council recommended rates ( $250 per one session and $400 for two.) HST of 13% is extra, plus mileage.

Presentation Length:
1 hour to 1 1/2 hours
"The Author/ Illustrator"
Audience Size:
10-40 ( can discuss if more - ie. auditorium presentations)
Workshop Description:

Based on LTTA ( Learning Through The Arts - Royal Conservatory of Music). These are Artist-Educator, art-based, curriculum-centric activities. Comprehensive lesson plans are available.

The following workshops are offered:


Students will explore and discuss the history and function of dual-sided bronze art medals (first created during the Renaissance). Samples of medallic art will be brought in and examined by the students, including a discussion of how they are created ( from clay to bronze through the lost wax process). Students will first design on paper, then create their own medals in clay, to express differing points of view, concepts, issues or ideas, related to specific areas of study in science, history, social studies, geography, language arts, etc. Since art medals have often been created throughout history to express a variety of political and social views, and have included the use of prose and poetry in their designs, we will explore the ways in which we might use this ancient art form as a means of personal expression and/or protest. This workshop can be specifically tailored for Grades 4-12.


Students will explore and discuss some of the many fantasy creatures found in myth and literature and then sketch their own designs before creating clay sculptures. Passages from the author's YA novel "Carew" - about a strange creature that is discovered in the foothills of the Himalayas - will be read and discussed. This workshop can be tailored for younger grades (Gr.3-4) or older (5-8) and the latter will include more specific creative writing discussions about character creation and development.


The author's illustrated fable,"The Painted Chest", which about the transformative power of the arts and their importance as 'nourishment' for the spirit and soul, will be read and discussed. The concept of a chest that is filled with things that can enrich life will be further explored as students (using paint, clay and found objects) decorate small wooden chests of their own and fill them with items, symbols, messages, poems and prose that are personally meaningful and empowering.

The above workshops will also contain a small charge for materials ( between 3-5 dollars per student).