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Kathy-Diane Leveille

Photo: Christopher Leveille 2013

Kathy-Diane Leveille has loved books forever. Her best friends are books; the characters, worlds and possibilities they contain. When she was growing up in northern Ontario, a Saturday wasn't complete without a trip to the library. It wasn't until after Kathy-Diane had been working as a broadcast journalist with CBC radio for ten years, that she discovered the only thing more fulfilling than reading a good book is trying to write one. Roads Unravelling (Sumach Press), a collection of short stories, was released to critical acclaim after one of the stories was adapted to radio drama for CBC's summer drama festival.  Let the Shadows Fall Behind You was released in 2009 (Kunati).  Her latest novel Standing in the Whale's Jaw was published in 2013 by TightRope Books. Her writing has been published in Grain, Room of  One's Own and The Oklhoma Review and has been adapted to the stage and performed by New City Theater in Saint John.


"Her settings and characters—their hopes and fears, verbal and behavioural ticks, even their smells—are keenly observed and full of sensual presence." -The Globe and Mail


"LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU is a haunting story of disappearance and loss and, ultimately, of redemption.  Weaving together a world of family loyalties and family lies, of broken bonds and of those that endure, it combines the nuance of poetry with all the suspense of a thriller." Nino Ricci Author of The Origin of Species


"A swirling, twisting tale of intrigue. Two bright and daring young women weave through a cast of characters... to solve one great mystery and open their minds to a greater one." -Linda Little Author of Scotch River

"Leveille has set her story in a bygone place and time so vividly evoked that the reader is transported".-Trudy Morgan-Cole, Author of That Forgetful Shore

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Roads Unravelling; Short Stories. eds. Catherine Marjoribanks and Emily Schultz. Toronto: Sumach Press, 2003.
Let the Shadows Fall Behind You; eds James McKinnon, Derrick Armstrong. Kunati Books, 2009
Standing in the Whale's Jaw; eds Halli Villegas. TightRope Books, 2013
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