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Kawser Ahmed

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Kawser Ahmed received his PhD in Peace and Conflict studies from University of Manitoba, Canada in 2017. He served in the United Nations as a peacekeeper and he is an alumnus of National Defence University (NESA), U.S.A. Currently, he is a research fellow with the Centre for Defence and Security Studies (CDSS) and a junior research affiliate with the Canadian Network for the Study of Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS). His PhD research titeld Grassroots Approaches to Community-Based Peacebuilding Initiatives has been published by Lexington Books. He has several publications to his credit that looked into role of external economic aid and peace-building in Northern Ireland, national counter terrorism policies of Canada, Turkey,  roles of community based organizations in countering violent extremism in western societies, Rohingya refugee crisis, and UN Peacekeeping operations in Western Sahara. His research interest includes: extremism and political violence, faith driven radicalization, inter-group conflict transformation, mediation and peacebuilding. He is currently an adjunct faculty in University of Winnipeg and completing his SSHRC post-doc fellowship. He also leads a Winnipeg based not-for-profit organization called Conflict and Resilience Reseach Institute, Canada (CRRIC).
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The Rohingya Crisis: Analyses, Responses, and Peacebuilding Avenues. Lexington Books, 2020
Grassroots Approaches to Community-Based Peacebuilding Initiatives: Theory and Praxis on the Front Lines. Lexington Books, 2018
Community-Focused Counter-Radicalization and Counter-Terrorism Projects: Experiences and Lessons Learned. Lexington Books, 2019
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