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Kristaq Turtulli


Kristaq Turtulli is a critically acclaimed novelist and juvenile
fiction writer who has published a series of children’s stories
and novels. Turtulli is born in Korca, Albania, on November
18, 1954, from a noble family of patriots and aristocrats.
His love for art started at an early age with poetry.
His early works were published some of the country’s
most famous newspapers and won several national awards.
Turtulli successfully completed his bachelor degree in
Literature and Journalism.
Kristaq Turtulli moved to Canada in January 2000.
A Canadian citizen, he has lived and worked in Toronto
 ever since.

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"The Inn with Two Doors",Novel. IUniverse, USA, 2009
“Listen my Dear” ,Novel. Globus, Tirane, Albania, 2009
“Friends”, Juvenile Fiction. Toronto, 2009
“Lonely voices” ,Novel. Toronto, 2007
“What is Life Worth!” Novel,. Toronto, 2003
“The Bear’s shadow”, Novel. Phoenix, Tirane, Albania, 1996
“Ana”, Novel,. Nentori, Tirane, Albania, 1989
“Birds”, Juvenile Fiction. Tirane, Albania, 1989
“The Adventures of Bear Topic”, Juvenile Fiction. Nentori, Tirane, Albania, 1988
“Mother” , Novel. Tirane, Albania, 1981
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