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Lara Margaret Marjerrison

Lara Margaret Marjerrison

Lara Margaret Marjerrrison (elemem) is a spoken word poet, storyteller, and speaker, based in Toronto. She subsists mainly on mutter paneer roti and mango lassi, and her main mission in life is to walk barefoot through as many places on earth as possible before she dies--collecting and sharing the stories of the locals she meets all along the way.

Lara's debut collection of poetry, grief & loss & love & sex, details her grappling with her sister's suicide. It is a stirring testimony to healing, a celebration of love, and a touching memorial to a beloved sister.

For Lara writing is about connection--to self, to one another, and to something bigger. Lara has a deep desire to assist others in healing through grief, loss, trauma, and crisis, using poetry and the arts as the medium. 



grief & loss & love & sex. Indigo Press, 2019
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Spoken word peformance followed by an interactive discussion on the contributors to mental illness and how art can help facilitate the healing process. Based on Lara's lived experience of healing from mental illness and addiction, and as a suicide survivor.

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Poetry & Spoken Word
6 through 12, College
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Lara's work is based in a Gestalt-modelled, experiental approach to healing through poetry and the arts that will leave students with practical tools to integrate into their own lives. Her methods are lively, engaging, and inclusive.