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Linda Holeman

Photo: Randall Freeman 2012

Linda received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Winnipeg, a BEd in Special Education and MEd in Educational Psychology from the University of Manitoba. She has crossed genres with her work, publishing both short story collections and novels for young adults and adults. She has taught creative writing, served on editorial boards, and acted as writer-in-residence at the Millenium Library in Winnipeg.

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Devil's Darning Needle. The Porcupine's Quill, Ontario, 1999
Raspberry House Blues. Tundra Books, Toronto, 2000
Search of the Moon King's Daughter. Tundra Books, Toronto, 2002
The Linnet Bird. Headline, UK/McArthur & Co, Canada, 2004
The Moonlit Cage. Headline, UK/McArthur & Co, Canada, 2006
In a Far Country. Headline UK/McArthur & Co, 2008
The Saffron Gate. Headline UK/Hachette Canada, 2009
The Lost Souls of Angelkov. Random House Canada, 2012
The Devil on Her Tongue. Random House Canada, 2014


McNally Robinson Book for Young People for Raspberry House Blues/Search of the Moon King's Daughter, 2001/2003
Mr Christie's Silver Book Award: Best Children's Book for Search of the Moon King's Daughter, 2002
Books for the Teen Age: New York Public Library for Promise Song/Mercy's Birds/Raspberry House Blues/Search of the Moon King's Daughter, 1998/1999/2002/2003
Vicky Metcalf Editor's Award: Canadian Author Association for Prairie Fire Magazine, 19:3, 1999
Finalist, Journey Prize, 1996
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