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Lori Weber

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Lori is a Montreal author and teacher of English Literature and Creative Writing who has written six young adult novels. She was born and raised in Montreal and has lived in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

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Klepto. James Lorimer, 2004
Split. James Lorimer, 2005
Tattoo Heaven. James Lorimer, 2005
Strange Beauty. James Lorimer, 2006
If You Live Like Me. Lobster Press, 2009
Yellow Mini. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2011
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Presentation Description

Lori can read from any of her books and discuss the writing process with students at age appropriate levels. She includes anecdotes about the role of books and writing in her life and encourages students to participate in the discussion. She shares her rejection letters and talks about the publishing process, again at an age appropriate level. With her historical work, Lori has a fun history quiz for the students and talks about the role of research and the pleasures of recreating a time and place.Students are encouraged to ask questions throughout. For youngers students, Lori shows the illustrations for her picture book and kids help identify the humour the illustrator brought to the text. She uses a Powerpoint, with many visuals, for all her presentations.

Presentation Length:
1 - 2 hours, depending on age of group
Young Adult Fiction, Junior Fiction, Picture Books
Audience size:
25 - 40
Workshop Description:

Lori has a bag of writing tricks and games and activities that get kids writing, with a particular focus on the importance of showing and not telling, and using all 5 senses to develop character and action and setting. She uses prompts and examples from her own books to set the activities off, then encourages kids to practice and share their work. They come away with stronger skills to apply to their own stories. 

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