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Marc H. Stevens


Marc Stevens was born in eastern Canada in the late 1950's and grew up between Ottawa and Toronto.

He had learned, as a boy, that his father had been a highly-decorated bomber pilot in the war, and that as a POW, his father had escaped several times.  He even knew, vaguely, that his father had been born in Germany, but he was sworn to secrecy on that matter, in order to help his father maintain his false legend. 

Marc was led to believe that his father had been born to Christian parents, and that his widowed grandmother had sent her 3 children to England before the war, simply because she disliked political developments in Germany.

In the mid-1980's, some 7 years after his father's death, Marc got curious about what exactly his father had done to be awarded the  Military Cross (a very important British medal for bravery).  Beginning an 18-year odyssey of discovery, Marc retraced his father's footsteps from Germany, to England, to Holland and finally to Poland.  At the beginning of this lengthy voyage, Marc had no intention of writing a book, he just wanted to know more about his father's wartime exploits.  Over the course of nearly two decades of research, an amazing story emerged, one that simply had to be told.

In 1996, Marc finally ascertained the truth about whispered rumours of his father actually being born Jewish.  He tracked down his father's elderly spinster sister in London, and called her after having no contact for 34 years.  She confirmed the family's heritage, and subsequently that some 10-15 members of the family had been lost in the Holocaust.

Peter Stevens Sr., kept the identity he had stolen in 1939 until the day he died.  His son Marc is immensely proud of his father's unheralded fortitude and courage.

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Escape, Evasion and Revenge: The True Story of a German-Jewish RAF Pilot Who Bombed Berlin and Became a POW. Pen and Sword Aviation, 2009
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