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Margaret Florczak

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Margaret Florczak writes to memorialize everyday life experiences that require courage,  force us to explore our own personal integrity, and through this process, forge unique lives. 

Currently, Florczak is finalizing a memoir book "Unforgiving" about the summer of 1963: 

"This is the story of Margaret Jean's 16th summer, when she left behind her vacuum cleaning, floor scrubbing, chicken plucking life and boarded a bus for town to audition for a role in a National Film Board picture.  The events of that summer thrust her world into turmoil, churning up dark images, exposing issues and straining relationships.  Bewildered by Asperger's, a socially challenged condition unknown in that era, she slips in and out of fragile alliances. 

Sexually exploited in her preteens, she turned to family and friends for help only to face what she cannot forgive:  dismissal and disbelief.  By the time she was thirteen, her sense of social isolation was pretty much complete.  And then Frank de Courcy came to town, a sixteen year old recently released from an up-island detention home."

Florczak hopes to have the book available on Amazon by October 1st.

Recently, Florczak has read her poetry in New Westminster at the Heritage Grill and the Queens Park bandstand.  A recent project, the story of her mother's life, can be seen on the Mothership website at

Florczak also helped design and write copy for a small business website at  The website has a zero bounce rate, and visitors stay an average of 3.53 minutes and view an average of 7 pages per visit.  Florczak blogs weekly on this site.

 A former Revenue Canada employee, Florczak used her expertise to author a book on severance tax issues.  She then went on to study an unsolved homicide, the Babes in the Wood file. One aspect of her research led to “Magic, Pure Magic” a Young Adult, Creative Non-Fiction story included in “Beginnings”, a collection by Ronsdale Press.

In 2002, she produced and published an anthology of Canadian reflections on the events of September 11th, 2001, “Brothers, Borders & Babylon” featuring works by 22 Canadian authors such as Pauline Holdstock, Carol Matthews and Elizabeth Symon.

Florczak achieved a life-long dream when she graduated from Simon Fraser University with honors in October 2010.  At SFU, she studied writing and literature under Jeff Derksen, Kate Braid, Roy Miki, and Steve Collins among others. Her poem, "Surrey a City as seen from the King George Highway" was published in SFU's WestCoast Line Magazine, and was included in an SFU third year BC literature course syllabus.  She has had other poetry published in inter/ and served on the editorial board of IAMB, a student run literary magazine.

In 2008/9, Florczak's prose poetry appeared in the Vancouver Museum, SFU Harbour Centre and Geist Online Magazine as part of the SFU Harbour Centre Down Town Memory Project. 

She has had poetry readings at venues which include Word on the Street, Tygers, UBC's CITR radio, The Railway Club and SFU's Special Collections Room.

Margaret Florczak is available for readings, as well as for writing, editing and book formatting projects.  She also offers assistance with blog writing, and writing the business card book. 

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"Magic, Pure Magic", Beginnings: Stories From Canada's Past. Ronsdale Press
Jack and Stanley's Buyout Adventure, A Guide to Severance Tax Issues.
Brothers, Borders & Babylon, September 11th, Canadian Perspectives. Vancouver, Jervis Distributors, 2002.
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A reading from "Magic, Pure Magic" and a discussion of the Ray Munro's life from his youth in Ontario, to his work as a nationally recognized photographer and reporter in Vancouver, BC.  The talk will include ways in which Munro followed his creative interests to develop his career, and how his love of flying inspired him to create a flight museum.

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