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Natasha Deen

When she was a child, Natasha Deen and her family moved from Guyana, South America to Canada to escape the country’s growing political and racial violence. She grew up in Calgary where she got to experience great stuff (snow!) and not so great stuff (ugh, bullying).  Reading books and writing stories helped her deal with all the *stuff*. Before she became a writer, Natasha worked at non-profits, helping adults learn how to read. She also worked for the Alberta government. These days, she writes for kids, teens, and adults. Her recent books include Lark Holds the Key, Across the Floor, and Gatekeeper, which was a CCBC Best Pick for Kids and Teens, and won a Moonbeam Award. Natasha lives in Edmonton, Alberta where she spends A LOT of time arguing with her cats and dogs about who is the boss of the house. Visit her at

E-mail: c/o Writers' Union of Canada
Phone number:
c/o Writers' Union of Canada


Lark Holds the Key. Orca Book Publishers, 2016
Across the Floor. Orca Book Publisher, 2016
Gatekeeper. Great Plains Publishing, 2016
Sleight of Hand. Orca Book Publisher, 2015
Burned. Orca Book Publisher, 2015
Guardian. Great Plains Publishing, 2014
Lark and the Diamond Caper. Orca Book Publishers, 2017
Terminate. Orca Book Publishers, 2017


CCBC Best Pick for Kids and Teens for Gatekeeper, 2016
Moonbeam Award for Gatekeeper, 2016
CCBC Best Pick for Kids and Teens, Starred Selection for Sleight of Hand, 2015
CCBC Best Pick for Kids and Teens for Guardian, 2015
Moonbeam Award for Guardian, 2015
Eligible for National Public Readings Program :


Presentation Description

Natasha’s dynamic sessions celebrate the funny, awkward, sometimes sad, moments of being a kid and being part of an immigrant family. She uses her experiences to connect with students on the universal moments of growing up: feeling different, wanting friends, and hilarious moments when the grown-ups act more like kids. Through the presentation, she weaves in literacy tips as well as themes of inclusion, diversity, and growth mindset.

Natasha has specific presentations for FDK, Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-9, Grades 10-12, as well as presentations for mixed-age audiences (i.e. K-8). She is also happy to customize her presentations/workshops per your students’ needs. Please contact her for to discuss your organization's needs.

Presentation Length:
One hour
YA, kidlit
JK-Grade 12
Audience size:
Workshop Description:

Workshops can be customized according to your organization's needs.

Group Story – For the Pre-K through to grade 1s, this collaborative session

allows big imaginations to roam free, while instilling the fundamentals of

organized writing, plot, and character.


Writing Smash Up – Fun, simple, and multi-media, young writers will get

tools that help them create characters, draft plot, and boost their

descriptive writing.


Writing with the F-Word–FUN! – With a lot of fun and using music, images,

and video, students will learn simple tips to expand their writing.


Mindcraft – Taking over your reader’s brain and defeating writer’s block is

a lot easier (and more fun!) when you know the three secrets to writing an

awesome story!


The Liar's Club - The session allows students to mix fact and fiction, and shows

them how blurring the lines between the two can make for a great story.


Oh, the Horror of it all! - Want to creep out your readers? Make them sleep

with the lights on? Make them too afraid to even GO to sleep? Natasha’s

session will show you how to write the kind of scary that will leave your

readers screaming…for more!

Northern OAC WITS:
One session:
$Half day - $500
Three sessions:
$Full day - $700
One session:
GST applicable