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Nora Ryan


Author Bio:

Born and educated in Ireland, Nora Ryan immigrated to Canada with her husband and two small children in 1981. She spent sixteen years in rural Manitoba working as an educator and health promotion specialist. In1997 she moved to the Caribbean where her husband had a two year posting.

Two years living on a small island in the Caribbean provided the inspiration for a trilogy of works by Nora Ryan. 

 Across the Great Divide examines the divide caused by race and socio-economic circumstances and the ability of the human spirit to bridge the divide. 

Cracked Conch is a collection of short stories and poems delivering a series of vignettes into the lives of a colorful cast of misfits and mischief-makers all shaped by that exquisite tapestry of life woven on sun-drenched islands.

Marie’s Story is the last book in the trilogy, a story that puts a human face on the dismal statistics of AIDS and brings the reader into the lives of children, illuminating their struggles and triumphs in a haphazard and uncertain world.

Dragon Quest is Nora’s first Children’s Book. In the tradition of Aesop’s Fables, Dragon Quest is a fictional story featuring mythical creatures with human qualities. The tale while packed with adventure illustrates a moral lesson in the virtues of courage, cooperation and kindness. Suitable for ages 8-10 and those who have not yet lost their fascination for dragons.

Pihoqahiak tells the story of a polar bear from his birth on the shores of Hudson Bay to capture and relocation to a zoo in Germany, his life in circuses in Europe and Mexico, and his final rescue. Middle Years to Young Adult

Her poetry and short story have been published in Ascent Aspirations.

Nora Ryan is a pen name. 

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c/o Writers' Union of Canada


Across the Great Divide. Trafford, 2002
Cracked Conch. Trafford, 2006
Marie's Story. Trafford, 2008
Dragon Quest. Create Space, 2012
Pihoqahiak - A Polar Bear's Story. Nora Ryan Books, 2016
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