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Paul McAllister

Photo: Brittany Saab 2017

Paul McAllister is an artist, community organizer, author, and arts activist. When Paul isn't organizing music and art festivals, writing books for the "Herman The Monster" series, or running Monster House Publishing, you can find him and his two quirky dogs, Panda and Gus, out and about in his home city, Fredericton N.B.

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c/o Writers' Union of Canada


There and Back Again, A Herman Tale. Herman's Monster house Publishings, 2015
A New Song For Herman . Herman's Monster House publishing, 2017


Shortlisted for NB Book Award in Children's Ficton for A New Song For Herman, 2017
Eligible for National Public Readings Program :


Presentation Description

Through the publishing of my Herman The Monster books, I have taught children in a variety of multidisciplinary settings. For the past 3 years I have been doing live readings and creation exercises in schools, libraries, and public presentations at festivals and special events. At each reading, there is a participatory/educational aspect, where the children are invited to create characters, sing songs, make masks, and engage directly with the artists on my team. I have collaborated with the Calithumpians Theater Troupe to complete several dramatic readings of A Herman Tale, engaging the young audience in creative exercises to connect them with the arts - music, visual art, theatre, and storytelling. Before Herman, I was a regular guest artist at Gibson Neil Memorial School in Fredericton NB, educating the children about my work as a visual artist, and guiding them through painting exercise. Beginning in Fall 2018, I will be embarking on a reading tour of Ontario with my first 3 books to spread my love of literacy and the Arts.

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45min- for reading/group activity. Or, a 15 hr program over 3 days.
children's books
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I am a storyteller, actor, visual artist, and published children’s book author. As a multidisciplinary artist, I am interested in children developing their creativity in a multidisciplinary setting - in this case, through creative writing and visual art and illustration.
My project encourages students to create their own monster-like characters and write
short narratives, including details about the character’s personality. The students will illustrate their characters and create character sheets, from which the class will collaboratively build a storyline and imaginary realm in which all characters can coexist. Drawing from my experience teaching art to elementary school-aged 
children, I will guide them through the creative process for both their written and illustrated aspects. The project will include a small exhibition of their illustrations and a reading of their collective narrative.

The project draws inspiration from my ‘Herman the Monster’ series, which teaches children important moral lessons through the hopeful eyes of a tiny green monster with fuzzy purple slippers - Herman the Monster! The project allows the students to develop their personal and collective creativity, while learning technical illustration skills from an experienced visual artist. 


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