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Perparim Kapllani

Përparim Kapllani  (P.I.Kapllani) was born in the city of Elbasan, Albania.

His most recent book in English is "The Thin Line", published by Mawenzi House in 2018. "The Last Will", a novel based on Çamëria genocide, was published by IOWI in 2013. "Beyond the Edge" is a collection of short stories published in December 2010. An English version of his play "Queen Teuta of Illyria" was published in 2008. An Albanian version of the play "Mbretëreshë Teuta e Ilirisë" was published in 2014.

His short stories appear in four anthologies: "Lest I forget"-IOWI, "Canadian Voices"- Bookland Press, "The Literary Connection", and "Courtney Park Connection"-IOWI. His novella "The Hunter" was shortlisted by Quattro Books for The Ken Klonsky novella contest in 2015.

He is author of four books in Albanian language and had worked as a journalist for "Ushtria", the Albanian Army Newspaper and "Shekulli', a daily newspaper. Some publications appear in "Spektër" magazine and other local papers in Albania.

He was graduated as an Anti Aircraft Gun Artillery Officer in 1990, University "Scanderbeg", Tirana, Albania. Years later he was graduated as a high school teacher for Literature and Albanian Language, Tirana University, Faculty of History and Philology, in 1998.

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Visitors in Hades. Tirana, Albania: Albin, 2005.
The Coin of horror. Tirana, Albania. "Glob", 1995.
I Don’t Give My Heart to the Devil. Tirana, Albania: The Army, 1995.
Father's Urn. Albin, 2005
Queen Teuta of Illyria- a play, Canada. In Our Words Inc, 2008
Beyond the Edge- a collection of short stories, Canada. In Our Words Inc, 2010
The Last Will. IOWI, 2013,2014
The Wild Boars. IOWI, 2016
Babai ne shishe. Shkrimtari, 2019
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