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R. J. McMillen

Photo: Karyn Carpenter 2014

A nomad of sorts, and an avid sailor, R.J. spends summers on the coast of British Columbia and winters in the highlands of Mexico, but was born in England and raised in Australia. Originally trained as a teacher and adult educator, R.J. has worked as a newspaper columnist, a free-lance journalist, and a business consultant - and that's not all! A passion for nature, the blessing of being able to experience the beauty of the remote west coast of Canada, and the privilege of having a First Nation's daughter-in-law, have all contributed to the Dan Connor mystery series.

R.J. currently teaches Creative Writing in Mexico, edits manuscripts, and delivers workshops and presentations wherever she wanders.

You can see more about both R.J. and the series at or like her Facebook page.

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Dark Moon Walking. Touchwood Editions, 2014
Black Tide Rising. Touchwood Editions, 2015
Green River Falling. Touchwood Editions, 20016
Gray Sea Running. Shogun Press, 2018
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