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Sandra Phinney

Photo: Barrie MacGregor 2017

Sandra Phinney is an award-winning journalist and photographer whose by-line and photos have appeared in over 70 publications. Her stories focus on everything from business to health, the environment, lifestyle and travel. She’s contributed to four travel guides including National Geographic’s Parks Canada Guide.

Phinney has penned four nonfiction books (Risk Takers and Innovators, Altitude Press (2004, title now owned by Formac/Lorimer Press); Pierre Elliott Trudeau: The Prankster Who Never Flinched, (an illustrated YA book for Jackfruit Press, 2006); and Maud Lewis and the “Maudified” House Story ~ The Story Starts Here (self published with Hawthorne Lane Publishing as a special project of the Art Gallery Nova Scotia, Western Branch, 2014) and Waking Up In My Own Backyard: Explorations in Southwest Nova Scotia (Pottersfield Press, 2017)

Currently she is writing a book about Maud Lewis which will be published in 2018 with Pottersfield Press.

Two other aspects of her portfolio include teaching and corporate work. She gives workshops on writing memoir, travel writing and narrative writing. 

Phinney is a member of The Travel Media Association of Canada (past Atlantic Canada Chapter Chair and board member); the Writers Federations of both NB and NS; the Canadian Writer’s Guild (currently the Atlantic Canada Chair); and PEN Canada. Samples of her writing and photography can be found here:

In her spare time Phinney teaches Tai Chi and canoes in the wilderness.


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Waking Up In My Own Backyard: Explorations in Southwest Nova Scotia. Pottersfield Press, 2017
Maud Lewis and the "Maudified' House Project. Hwthorne Lane Publishing, 2014
Pierre Elliott Trudeau; The prankster who never flinched. Jackfruit Press, 2006
Risk Takers and Innovators. Altitude (now with Formac), 2004


Sandra Phinney
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