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Stephen Gill

Photo: GKB-Video 2012

Stephen Gill, Poet Laureate of Ansted University, has authored more than twenty books, including collections of poems, fiction and literary criticism. Once in a while, he writes poetry in Urdu, Hindi, and Panjabi. Some of these poems have been composed and performed by prominent singers in three albums, titled Aman (peace), Aman Ki Rah (way to peace), and Kholo Kholo (open open). His works have appeared in more than five hundred publications. Stephen Gill strongly believes in a democratically elected world government and peace through peaceful means. He works as a freelance English/Urdu interpreter and examines doctoral dissertations for universities of India to feed his passion and commitment to write for global peace. He was born in Panjab. CRITICAL STUDIES: Nine critical studies have appeared, including Discovering Stephen Gill Ed. Dr. Agarwal (AuthorsPress, India); Stephen Gill & His Works by Dr. George Hines (AuthorsPress, India); Poetic Corpus of Stephen Gill by Dr. Sudhir Arora (Sarup & Sons, India); The FlameUnmasked (research papers on his epic The Flame) edited by Dr. Sudhir Arora (Prakash Books, India).

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Shrine. (poems of peace and social concerns)
Songs Before Shrine. (poems on peace)
The Coexistence. (A novel to provide a blueprint to live and let live)
Flashes (trilliums in haiku spirit).
The Flame (Epical poem about terrorism).


Four honorary doctorates (USA, China, UK)
Pegasus International Poetry for Peace (Poetry in Arts, Inc., TX).
Sahir Award of Honor (India)
The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (Canada)
Empowered Peace Poet Award (Canada)
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60 min.
Poetry, Non-Fiction
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