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Terry Fallis

Photo: Tim Fallis 2007

Despite an engineering degree, for 25 years Terry Fallis enjoyed a successful career first in politics, as an advisor to Liberal federal and Ontario cabinet ministers, and then in public affairs and public relations consulting. But through it all, there was something missing. In 2005, he found it when he finally wrote the novel that had been rattling around inside his head. He spent a year peddling the manuscript to agents and publishers but was greeted with a deafening silence. Undeterred, he podcast The Best Laid Plans, his debut satirical novel of Canadian politics, chapter-by-chapter, gathering rave reviews from legions of listeners in Canada and around the world. Encouraged by the response, he self-published the novel in September 2007. 

Then, in April 2008 came the shock of his life. The Best Laid Plans won the 2008 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, the first self-published novel ever honoured with this venerable literary award. Within a week, Fallis signed a publishing deal with McClelland & Stewart. In the fall of 2008, the novel hit bookstore shelves and Terry Fallis hit the speaking circuit entertaining audiences with the same thoughtful wit and humour that won him the Leacock Medal. The sequel to The Best Laid Plans, entitled The High Road, is due out in 2010.

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The Best Laid Plans. McClelland & Stewart, 2008


The Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour for The Best Laid Plans (McClelland & Stewart), 2008
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An Unorthodox Journey to the Published Land
A funny and thoughtful tale of perseverance, innovation, and one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious literary awards.

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Using New Media to Drive Old Media
How to use the emerging world of social media to raise your profile, build an audience, and drive book sales.

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