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thom vernon

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thom is a novelist, educator and critical writer. He has an arts education (theatre & writing) background with many, many creative workshops for kids, youth & adults under his belt. He is comfortable in both community-based and school environments.Having been a Hollywood actor (Seinfeld, Grace Under Fire, The Fugitive, etc.), he writes, performs and teaches (currently at the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies) in Toronto. He has degrees in Philosophy (B.A., summa cum laude, California State University, Los Angeles) Writing (M.P. W., Fiction & Screenwriting, USC) and Gender Studies (GGSC, USC). At the moment, he is developing The Drifts Live, a theatricalization of The Drifts (Coach House Books, 2010) and finishing up his second novel.

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The Drifts. Coach House, 2010
The Angel at Our Table: Walter Benjamin, Brooding & Melancholy. Cambridge Scholars Press, 2012
Selling It: Creative Writing and the Public Good. Multilingual Matters, 2012
Daddies & Papas 2B: The Evolution of Possibilities. Sumach Press, 2009


Vermont Studio Center for Fellowship, 2011
Ontario Arts Council for Writers' Reserve, 2011
Ontario Arts Council for Writers' Reserve, 2010
Canada Council for the Arts for Travel Grants for Professional Writers, 2011
National/International Residency for Award for Independent Research, 2010
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In these hands-on sessions, participants will use everyday life (stories, memory, pop culture, texture, sound, etc.) to write creatively, critically or dramatically. There is only one authentic voice from which you can garner an original world of imagination, adventure, courage and hope—it is your own. Visit my testimonials page to hear feedback from a variety of students and colleagues about the workshops I've led over the years.

Contact me and we will make a workshop happen.

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Fiction, Screenwriting, Performance, Academic/Critical Writing, Blogging
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