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Lori Wolf-Heffner

Lori Wolf-Heffner

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Lori Wolf-Heffner is the author of the young adult series Between Worlds and the creative non-fiction  memoir Postcards in a Closet. She was an inaugural member of the Canadian National Tap Team, wrote and submitted a Star Trek novel in her teens (it was rejected—she needed an agent), and spent one day twice in Luxembourg and 15 minutes once in Switzerland. She can still do cartwheels.

Download a free copy of Between Worlds 1: The Move.



Between Worlds 1: The Move., 2018
Between Worlds 2: The Distance., 2018
Between Worlds 3: The First Step., 2019
Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do., 2019
Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek., 2019
Between Worlds 6: Missing Home., 2020
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Presentation Length:
60 minutes
Workshop on the editing process, using real manuscript drafts.
Audience Size:
Workshop Description:

My series, Between Worlds, covers many topics, from moving to mental health to history from "the other side" (in this case, WWI from the Austrian-Hungarian side). After speaking with the classroom teacher on what topic would interest the class the most, I'll select up to 3 short excerpts for the teacher to select 1 from.

For the workshop itself, the students receive first an earlier draft of the passage and then edit it themselves. This can be done individually or in groups. We'll discuss their edits, and if the teacher would like me to focus on something relevant to language studies in class, I'll certainly do my best to focus on that element. The students then receive what was actually published and we discuss some of the important differences.

In the end, the students will see the development of a real manuscript and will be able to discuss how changes to the manuscript affect the final product. I'm certainly open to general questions afterwards.